Combo Apps/Broadway Bootcamp Slideshow

I’ve been very busy and working with the kids at Broadway Bootcamp. I complied some photos and put them together with a slideshow. I still have video clips to run through and edit. That will be coming soon. There will be a blog post about the Broadway Bootcamp Video.

I had my iPhone and use Ztylus Z-Primes lenses constantly back and fourth. There are a few shots where I used no lens. The camera app I used was ProCamera, edited the photos with Relight and put the slideshow together with iMovie.

Broadway Bootcamp 2016

The bootcamp was held at St. Johns of the Cross Parish in Lemon Grove over at the Catholic School. The church has been there since 1868 and has a lot of history. Even I’ve been to church there, it’s also iconic to Lemon Grove besides The Giant Lemon and The Big Red Lips. It’s also a very well maintained church. I’m not religious but I can respect and appreciate old beautiful churches. Vida made a lot of new friends in her group. Yes, she will do this again next year. The church also does musicals during the fall and spring. Now that Vida has been in the bootcamp, she will be trying out for the musicals at the church.

Enjoy the slideshow and see you soon…



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