Mobile Monochromes Showcase 6

1. Judi Rosall – Stern wake on Charlotte Harbor, FL

2. Erik Lieber – Ollie on the Wall

3. Rino Rossi – obsession

4. Dror Blumberg – Lollipop

5. Allen Moore

6. Sandra Nykerk – Morning Shadows Badlands National Park

7. Alexis Rotella – Communion

8. Michelle Lee

9. Peter Jajcai – Party Hard.

10. Vicki Cooper – Mongol Winter, 7/6/16

11. John Gompertz – Vertigo

12. Lulú Elenes De Panbehchi‎

13. Richard Randolph Rahders‎ – “Before Dawn”

14. Carlos Velazquez‎

15. Anneke Balvert‎ – Job 1

16. Dirk Decker – early train …

17. Kate Zari Roberts‎

18. Leon Williams – Wisdom

19. Meri Walker – Speaking of Ecstatic, Look What I Found in My Front Yard Just Now.

20. Joshua Sarinana‎

21. Edith Meier – Last Summer

22. Danny Wu – Find The Light

23. Justyna Hansen‎

24. Lynda Williams‎ – Although I always shoot color, I’ve recently gotten brave enough to think in terms of monochrome when selecting my subjects. This is the image that got me started a couple of weeks ago. I chose these leaves as a subject because they’re so brightly colored. After I’d cropped and tuned in Snapseed, I thought I’d try a B&W filter, because the pattern was so bold. The result took me by surprise, and encouraged me to broaden – or would it be shrink? – my palette to include more monochrome. I got an iPhone 6 in April, and generally edit in Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile. I’m looking forward to participating in this group and honing my monochrome skills with the guidance and inspiration I find here!

25. Roberto V. Vegas‎

Honorable Contributor – Lisa Peters – Disposable knowledge

Honorable Contriutor – Ed Ubels


Mobile Monocromes Group Cover Art: Sarah D Zimmerman

If you’re on Instagram and want to be part of the MM Daily Feature. You can follow @mobile_monochromes and hash tag your images with #mobile_monochromes. That’s the showcase for this month, please keep posting in the group and see you next month !


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