Combo Apps/The New Glif: A Tripod Mount for Smartphones, Redesigned

Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt of Studio Neat are at it again with a nre redesign of the universal Glif Tripod Mount. They redesigned it to make the Glif more practical for mobile movie makers, better mount for mobile time lapse and better way to lock your smartphone in place.

Press Image

The have also added a cherry wood hand grip and wrist strap to go along with the new redesign of the Glif.

Press Image

What Devices Can the Glif Hold? The Glif can hold devices roughly in width from 58 mm to 99 mm. This is essentially the range of a naked iPhone SE to an iPhone 6 Plus with a really thick case on it. In all likelihood, your device will fit.

Press Image

The guys at Studio Neat has done it again. They really made the Glif the best all around smartphone tripod mount for the different type of user in my opinion. Whether you’re mobile movie maker, time lapse and/or photographer. The new redesign of the Glif has got you covered with or without a case on your smartphone.

Studio Neat has already made goal the first day they launched the campaign, so if you buy into the three perks that’s offered. You’re pretty much going to get one. I recommend getting one of these while the campaign is going on before the price goes up after the campaign is over. Another great things about this campaign, all the new redesigned Glifs are designed and made in the USA. Check out the Kickstarter campaign, don’t delay and buy into a perks !!!



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