Combo Apps/Creatic 2.0

Creatic 2.0 update came out yesterday, I got a chance to test out the brand new user interface before it hit the App Store. The redesign has been redone from the ground up. The developers have the the UI more user friendly with only one in-app purchase to unlock the whole app. I’ve love this app since I got to test it out from it’s first incarnation. I feel this app is easier to use than most textured editing app out on the market.

Press Image

Features of Creatic include:

* Selective Color to enhance through 9 different color channels
* Gradient and Solid Color to create custom overlays
* Curves to adjust the tonal range
* Custom presets on camera
* 54 Filters
* 64 16MP organic Textures
* Smart color adjustments
* Preset manager to organize your Favorites
* Superimpose infinite photos to create beautiful overlaying images
* Manual rotation of the textures
* Linear and Radial Tilt- Shift blur for giving some extra depth of field
* Vignette and Text
* Smart Color Correction
* Unique Erase Tool to mask the textures to better fit your images
* Unique Blur Tool to fade any part of the texture while retaining its color
* Fully customizable textures. You can change the sharpness, temperature, shadows, hue, saturation and more of any textures to create infinite variety of images
* Save the workspace as a Preset on the “Favorites” category

Creatic 2.0 Demo

Creatic and the update are both FREE in the App Store and in-app purchase of $.99 to unlock everything. You start off with a lot of tools when you download the app for FREE. The in-app purchase adds more tools and filters. In my opinion it’s worth buying into for the extra stuff. Overall the developer did a great job with the redesign with this update. If you have any question about this blog post, please leave comments or contact Creatic at Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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