Combo Apps/Coocheer Bluetooth Headset for Hands Free Driving ,Sports,Music,Computer-Retail Packaging

My Coocheer Bluetooth Headset

This will be a two part blog post, part one will be about Coocheer Bluetooth Headset. I’m always looking for in-expensive Bluetooth headset that work great for all around purposes and Vida. These work surprising well for the price. They are also Bluetooth 4.1, which is great on battery life and smart ready. I did wear these for a week and did a lot of listening to music, videos, movies and TVs shows on all different devices. What was nice I didn’t have to charge these headset often. They also paired well with my iPhone, iPod and iPad without dropping the Bluetooth connection.  Up above is a photo of my Coocheer Bluetooth Headset.IMG_7761Coocheer Bluetooth Headset has detachable magnetic earbubs from the base unit, micro USB cord for charging and extra earbuds replacements in various sizes. Now the headset unit feels really comfortable around your neck. I was really surprised how it didn’t bother me for wearing the device for few hours. The sound I had to adjust these headset. For me it has too much bass and tend to have a rumbling sound with some of the music I listened too. It’s great for listening to movies, videos and tv shows.


Pairing them is pretty simple. When you first get them, make sure you old down the phone button for 5 seconds (count to yourself) on the headset. You will see X7 appear on the screen and tap on the X7 to connect them together. You will also see a very tiny Bluetooth battery life icons next to your battery life. This will tell you how much battery life you have with your Bluetooth product that’s paired together.

The Pros: great battery life, pairing is easy, comfortable, price

The Cons: sound quality

The Coocheer Bluetooth Headset $27.99 and you can find them on Amazon. For most people this is a great all around headset if you need something comfortable, quick and in-expensive. Sounds could be a little better, when it comes to listening to music. However this headset did work great on my laptop while listening to YouTube and Vimeo videos. They also felt comfortable and didn’t hurt my ears wearing them for a few hours or felt they would fall out of my ears like the Apple Earpods. I recommend this headset for the average person whose sporty and on the go. They are also great for kids that go through earbuds constantly. Vida likes them, wears them a lot when she is watching videos or playing games on her iPod and Samsung Tablet. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great 4th of July and see you soon…


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