Combo Apps/Making of Touch Me

This is the final version of making Touch Me. You can click here to watch the original version. If you watch the original, you can see why I made a new version of the video. I wasn’t happy with those results. The name problem with the video was pixelation. Some times you can get away with it, if that was your intentions but it wasn’t my intentions. I couldn’t justify how bad the video looked, so I made a new one up above.

The biggest problem I had was with HYPERSPEKTIV and the 720p output. Even when I make a video with the app and load it up on YouTube and Vimeo. The video in my opinion looks on the pixelated side. They never really look that smooth. I even tried to load the video clips onto LumaFX, change it a little and save at a higher resolution/bitrate. The video clips came out worse and just look horrible. The sad part is I don’t see on my iPhone. I end up seeing it on after I load it up on YouTube and Vimeo. The other part is I should do my video edits on my iPad but that’s outdated and can’t handle high rendering glitch apps. I really want the developer to know, I make videos beyond Instagram. I don’t like the limitation of everything having to fit Instgram standards.

One of the things that did help was Fragment, placing a geometric shape in the middle of the video helped. Other things was shooting new video footage with HYERSPEKTIV and not using so many effects to change the video. I want to be able to use the app more because of the effects but the 720p outoput has be come a deal breaker for me. All I can hope for is an update for 1080p…

Now you’re wondering how do I match the video movement with the music without any key frames. Two things that happens to me. One I’ll record random video footage just like how I take photos. I’ll film it and use it for later. Second I’ll use LumaFX to adjust the speed to the music, after I’ve applied effects on the video clips. I have the track in my head of how it sounds because I have a habit of listening to one song or track multiple times. I don’t make playlists on my iPod. I just tap on a song/track and just listen to that one song/track until I feel like it times to change it.

When I decide to make a video I’ll load a couple clips on iMovie and start to change the music and video clips around. I usually have an idea of what track will fit the video. Then I mess around with LumaFX some more with video clips. I start to match the video with the sound track. This takes time but I love doing this and the results that come from doing this process. It’s a challenge. Thanks to having A.D.D. I can go back and fourth between apps without even thinking. You are constantly multitasking and going back and fourth. I know not very many people can do this for hours on end because it takes a lot of energy and focus. I’m really drained from doing this process all on an iPhone.

Music by Mace
Titled: Touch Me (COUDSZ Remix)

Soundcloud – free donwload
iTunes: Mace – Love Songs EP
Bandcamp: Mace – Love Songs EP

If you have any question about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!

Mace Touch Me (Remix-pack)


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