Combo Apps/Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Widowlicker was one of those tracks I’ve had in the back of my head for over a decade. I’ve wanted to watch the video of Windowlicker but it was too explicit to be shown on MTV or any other music video channel in the US. I finally got to see the official video a few days ago. The music and images from the video have been running around in my head, so I made a video from a remix track I downloaded from Soundcloud. It’s a pretty good remix compared to the other versions I’ve heard. It’s has an updated sound to the original 17 year old track.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
Remixed by Akiokkun シ and on Soundcloud

The video started on my iPod touch and finished on my iPhone 6 Plus. The apps I used were, Generate App, PhotoSync, LumaFX and iMovie. The video took me a few hours to make. I stayed up until 1am in the morning and uploaded the video on my YouTube Channel.

This is the full original and official video of Windowlicker by Aphex Twin, directed by Chris Cunnigham. I will warn you it has a very explicit dialogue and sexist imagery. But what I took away from the video was it’s parody of making fun of HipHop/Rap videos. Even in today’s time most HipHop/Rap video seem to still have this style of degrading and objectifying women. There’s a good article about the in The Guardian, it’s titled Face The Music and well worth the read.



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