Combo Apps/iOgrapher GO

Yesterday I got my iOgrapher GO in the mail. Now you’re wondering why would I get one of these ? The iOgrapher GO isn’t just for action cams. You can use small point and shot cameras, smartphones and other small mobile devices. Plus it also fits my iPod touch perfectly. I know there are people who use their iPod touch for videos and photography.

iOgrapher GO

This is my iOgrapher GO. What’s not shown is the small box that the universal phone clamp came in separately.

iOgrapher GO Unboxed

These are all the things you get with the iOgrapher GO. You get Universal Smartphone Clamp and Go Pro shoe mount adapter. The top of the iOgrapher GO has three cold shot mounts on top and ¼-20 screw to attach a tripod on the bottom.

iPod on Top

I wanted to show you two great ways to mount your iPod touch or Smartphones. This photo shows how your mobile devices is mounted on top of iOgrapher GO as a monitor. You could mount a GoPro or another action cam in the bottom area..

iPod on Top Video Demo

I also did a video demo with my iPod touch mount on the top. I used Musemage to film the demo. Even with the stabilizer on it’s bump but not super shaky. I just have to practice walking while filming. But if you stand still you get better pans because of the two handed grip.

iPod on Bottom

This is the other way to mount your mobile devices. Now if you have an iPhone 6/6s Plus, they won’t fit in the bottom area. I tried it even without a case. You can mount the larger iPhone on top of the iOgrapher GO and use it as a monitor or film video footage. There’s not enough room to pull the clamp upwards because it hits the top of the iOgrapher Go. You can use an iPhone 6/6s.

iPod on Bottom Video Demo

Here is the iPod bottom video demo. The video is a little bit better and little more stable (even with the stabilizer on Musemage). Standing still works great for panning because of the hand grips.

Overall it works great for smaller smartphones and other devices. It’s the best all around mobile movie rig. I’m hope iOgrapher has future plans to update the design of the iOgrapher GO and make it more friendly for larger Smartphones to fit in the bottom area. Also have the ability to use smaller mobile lenses or prime lenses from Moment and Ztylus. If you’re looking for something universal that works as an all around mobile video rig. I recommend getting iOgrapher GO, especially if your like using a smaller smartphones and iPod touch. The iOgrapher Go sells for $59.99 and made in the USA. If you have questions about this post, you can contact iOgrapher for support and ordering details outside the USA at SUPPORT@IOGRAPHER.COM. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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