Combo Apps/+ArtAPP Popup and Panel in NYC

Today we are seeing two parallel and dynamic interactions in the world of artistic software apps, between art app creators and the “users” who make use of one or several art apps to create work within their practice.
Many of the app makers are artists themselves, some from within the art world, others outside, often with connections to the creative coding and design communities. The art apps range in definition and concept, whether seen by their creators as artworks, creative software tools or a mix of both.
App users are diverse and often worldwide, where an app created in one city may have hundreds of thousands of users across the world. Art app users are often artists themselves, creating work from a variety of art practices, including fine artists, writers, musicians, poets, street artists, and others who use these apps to expand their art practice.
‘Creating Apps / Creating Art’ is an event to discuss and share these interacting and fluid movements, including a panel by art app creators, a pop up exhibition curated by Malcolm Levy showing work by artists using apps in their practice, and an open forum and space for art app creators and users to meet and share ideas.  The apps used in creating the work for the show are all part and parcel of the creative app’s movement, and the work is mounted as such, with clear acknowledgement of the artists and their creative tools.
This event will take place within the ArtAppHQ exhibition, +ArtApp’s temporary autonomous zone for art and technology exploring, researching and developing the history and future of App Art and arts-centered apps worldwide.
Panel Discussion, 6pm
Seth Carnes, artist, creator of Poetics app, co-founder of +ArtApp
Serkan Ozkaya, artist, creator of MyMoon app, co-founder of +ArtApp
Malcolm Levy, artist, creator of Generate app
Joshua Ott and Kenneth Kirschner, artist and composer, creators of theVariant apps
Pop Up Exhibition and Discussion, 7–9pm
alexantonetti, dagucci ghost, georgeevan, ftaddi, hewll, lulaore, picwizard, rachelisdot, spaceface, sufferthechildren
You can check out +ArtAPP website for more details.

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