Combo Apps/The Making of Skyway

Before I explain the video footage, I have tell you the story of Skyway. I’ve been going back and fourth with Generate’s App Team. I asked them if they could asked people they knew in the music industry if they could provide me music from DJs, music producers and/or singers song writers. The plan was I would make music videos with the Generate App for them. They could use the music videos for whatever they needed it for as long as the say (Tina L Rice) made the video for them.

I did get some people interested in my offer. One of them happened to be Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater. His management team provided me with a track to download. I listened to the track about 5 times. Then walked away from for a few days to let the creative process happen.

The video footage that is up above was the start of the video. I was playing with my Mini Dolly Kit. I was tested it on bumpy concrete on the side of the house.The video app I used was Musemage and I used an Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

Recently Added-586

I’m going to show you step in how I used Generate App to mix the filter effects. They are numbered on the screen shot of what buttons i used on the app.

Recently Added-588

It’s really important you do these steps in order to blend the filter effects together. While you are using the slider make sure you’re sitting at a table. You can lay you iPhone or iPad down and play with the slider a lot easier rather than holding it up with your hands. I made two video recordings from edit and saved them each time.

Last I put everything together with iMovie and loaded the video up on my YouTube channel. I want to thank Judith Mont at Generate and Jordan Rudess for making this happen. If have any any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!









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