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For some people Vimeo is a site where people will just upload their videos and use the uploads to link up their website or blog. But that’s not all the site has to offer beside being a limited video storage house for your artistic creations. Sometimes you want to find something beyond Staff Picks or the My Feed page. You want to explore and find something within your genre or maybe more…

On Vimeo you can find tutorials, commercials, music videos and software plug-ins just like on YouTube. But the videos on the site are more refined, polished and on the professional level. You won’t see a teenager whose sold his/her soul to Tacobell, gossip on celeberties or people pulling pranks on each other and other low brow video features.

Maybe you want to build traffic for your videos or find more videos within your genre to watch besides Vimeo Staff Picks or what’s on My Feed. The answers are you’ll have to Channels and Groups. I will explain what the difference between these two areas on Vimeo.

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Up at the top of the menu bar, you will “Watch.” You will notice a menu will pop up with different options to explore on Vimeo. You want to click on Channels or Groups.

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“Channels are a simple, beautiful way to showcase and watch videos. You can create Channels around common themes and easily share what you love with others.” Channels is different because the  moderator will pick what will be showcased on their channel. You can look for the type of channel you want through the directory , if you don’t want to scroll through the feature page.

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There’s an iPhone movie channel. There’s only one way to get your movie shown on the channel. The moderator has to pick your movie to be featured on the channel. Now you’re wondering how do I get the moderator to feature my video.

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First make sure to click on follow this group or the one that fits the movie you want displayed on that channel. You’ll have to scroll down and put your movie link in the shout box. It also help to type in a brief explanation of your movie to be featured on the channel. This is the only way to get your movie or video featured in your channel. Each channel has it’s own rules and regulations. You can create your own channel too.

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“Groups are communities and conversations around videos and other things that people like. You can create your own Groups or contribute to the Groups of others.” In Groups you can add your movie or video in the pool without a moderator to approve it. However it can be removed from the group if it doesn’t fit within the group standards. So make sure whatever you post in the group, it fits in the group. You can be banned from the group. If you it gets out of hand, your account from Vimeo can be deleted so it’s really important to follow the rules. On the side page, you can find different groups in categories too. This makes it easier to find that specific group,  you’re looking for. If you like the group, click on join group so you can add your video to the group pool.

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It’s much easier to find the category of the group you want to join than going through the massive group pool. If you find the category you like, click on follow. The scroll down and click on the blue box that say “More from Camera & Technique.”

Screenshot (12)

You can get a more re-finded page to scroll through or click on the category you want to explore. Make sure you join the group first, so you can add your movies/videos.

Screenshot (13)

Now to add to the groups you’ve joined, tap on the paper airplane button. You will see add to collections.

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Then click on the groups you want your video/movie to be displayed at. Now other people in the group can look at your creation.

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Now when you join Channels and Groups, you My Feed will group. You will see the latest or recent movie/video added to the pools. This can be a good thing or a bad thing because some people just like to overload the pool with their own creations. Sometimes I have to scroll to 2 to 5 pages before I can find something interesting I want to watch. I will say this even Vimeo will have it’s fill of low brow material and features in groups or channels. You can also type it in the search bar to find a specific channel or group to narrow down things.

I recommend doing this on a desktop or laptop but some people only have mobile devices. I’ll show you how to do this on your iPhone.

Recently Added-805

You can’t do this on the Vimeo app, so you do it through the Safari browser instead. I’ve pointed out what you have to tap on the Vimeo browser.

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This will change website onto a desktop platform site from a mobile site. Then you can add your videos/movie to groups on Vimeo. If you have an questions, please leave comments. You can also click “HERE” for the help center and support page. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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