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Spektrel Art (Poppy)

Spektrel Art is the newest app from JixiPix. Before I got the app, they offered the desktop version for free ( still going on for a limited time). I downloaded the program and played with it for a little while. I was really pleased with the results from the desktop program. I know some of you are thinking is this app better than Tangled FX. Before I give my answers and opinions, I want to just focus on Spektrel Art for this blog post. I’ll give you a basic tutorial of how the app works. I will do a comparison app post in the near future.

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First you can take a picture or load a photo. Second after I load my photos, Spektrel will do a default preset edit. Third you can go through the presets to find the one you like best.

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After you find the preset you like, it’s time to tweak your preset. First you will play with your details and colorized details. I have screen shots showing the difference with SharpSoft and Glow. You can see the different results you get from the three different styles. For me it seems to go the opposite direction but then again I do see backwards sometimes and have trouble with my left and right direction.

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Next are the Taper details, you can adjust how long you want the taper effect. You can also change the Taper to Light or Dark. I prefer using mostly the Light Taper over the Dark Taper. It really depends on what your artistic style is and what kind of image you’re making when editing. In my opinion the Light seems to give off the better effect.

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Saturation, Lighten and Brighten, I like my edits more on the desaturated than over saturated. It would be nice if their was a black and white option, gamma slider and hue slider. I feel Spektrel is more on the over saturated side. When you do portraits, you will see what I’m talking about with the skin tones. That’s probably my only qualms with Spektrel.

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The Edge Sharpen, Contrast and Smoothing, this section really boils down to preference and more on fine tuning your edits.

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Last is the masking tool, it’s really easy to operate. Just remember you can only reset what you did. It would be nice if they has an undo button and brush size adjustment. You can blow it up for getting in tight spots on your image but if you could have a brush adjustment and opacatiy with feathering edges. This would be one powerful masking tool.

Spektrel Art Demo

I did three different edits with Spektrel Art to show you the styles you can do with one image. Overall the app has a very simple user interface and a nice user experience. Everything seems to come out very subtle but over-saturated. I know some people love that look to their images. I prefer to be more on the desaturated to monochrome side. Spektrel Art is universal to the iPad, available on Android and $1.99 on both platforms. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or leave feedback by contact JixiPix on their website. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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9 Responses to Combo Apps/Spektrel Art

  1. I’ll be anxious to read your next post, comparing the apps!!

  2. Danny says:

    Really cool effect…jixpix apps are fantastic.

  3. Cheryl Sink says:

    This looks pretty awesome.

  4. Kimberly Heinrichs says:

    Very cool work! I have several of JixiPix apps & they are great.

  5. Johnny says:

    Definitely interested in seeing how this compares to tangled. Looks pretty smooth. Jixi always makes good apps

  6. eucalyptha says:

    I love all jixipix apps. Thanks for this review Tina, I will put this app on my wishlist.

  7. Erika figueroa says:

    Great Tutorial!!

  8. Kat Mein says:

    Love the JixiPix apps. As always, thanks for the info 🙌🏼

  9. I’m a Jixipix fanboy, but I think TangledFX has them beat this time around.

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