Combo Apps/Spektrel Art vs Tangled FX

Fractalius Cemetery & Trees-1

Now before I start with which app is better, I want to let you know where this type of editing came from. It started with a Photoshop Plugin called Fractalius by Redfield Plugins. The photo up above was edit with Fractalius back in 2009. You can look through my Flickr Album of Fractalius editing HERE. This type of editing is nothing new, considering this dates back to pre-iPhone Editing or Mobile Art days. It’s important to know where this type of effect comes first before I do the comparison post.

Spektrel Art vs Tangled FX

Alright, I did a selfie comparison and posted this on Instagram @combo_apps. It was clear that people wanted the comparison post. I wanted to show you the difference between the two apps on Spektrel Art and Tangled FX with very little tweaks and adjustments. I did have to turn down the saturation with Spektrel Art because my face looked really red. It made me look sunburned or on the drunk side.

Black and White with Spektrel Art

This was my other qualm with Spektrel Art. If you load a black and white photo, you will have a color shift. You can’t really adjust the tonal or hue range with this app. I recommend make your color edit first and convert the image in another app.

Spektrel Art Pros or Tangled FX Cons: subtle, masking or erase tool, soft and glow slider tools, universal to the iPad and both Android/iOS platforms, easier user interface
Spektrel Art Cons or Tangled FX Pros: no advance settings, over saturated colors and no desaturation controls, bad black and white conversion with colors artifacts, no changing of hues or gamma control, only one resolution save, no scale factor
Overall both apps are great to have for whatever type of editing you want to do. Spektrel Art ($1.99) does have a good start with 1.0 version and I can see many updates that will happen with this app. But Tangled FX ($2.99) still sets the standard and bench mark because it was the first mobile app version for this type of effect. It’s also has had a number of improvements and updates since February 2013. That’s my 2 cents…

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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Spektrel Art vs Tangled FX

  1. Loved your album of Fractalius pictures!

  2. Andy says:

    Very interesting. Cause I’m using Tangled FX quite often it would be nice to try the Spectrel Arts app. Thank you for this post.
    Kind regards iNDone

  3. Erika Figueroa says:

    Looks loki a good app!! Thanks for share the info

  4. Elvia says:

    Looks awesome and fun. Thanks for the info.

  5. Kat Mein says:

    Thank you for the comparison, Tina. Always great info here

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