Combo Apps/GeometriCam Polygon Update 1.2

This video was made to show off the new Polygon Update 1.2 from GeometriCam. Of course I’ve had the new update for about a week and played around with the effect. It only took me a couple of minutes to figure it out how to use it. I had a lot fun making this video too. I will give you a basic tutorial on how to use this effect on the app.

Music by: Different Heaven – Titled: OMG

Made with This by Tinrocket

Made with This by Tinrocket

Made with This by Tinrocket

It does take some practice to get used to the controls. But once you get how it works, it becomes really easy. You just have to remember if you’re in Grid Off or Grid On mode when you make your adjustments. There’s also a tutorial within the app that will tell you what each button does and how it all functions.

Made with This by Tinrocket

Made with This by Tinrocket

Those are samples of how Grid Off and Grid On works with the new Polygon effect.

Made with This by Tinrocket

Made with This by Tinrocket

Made with This by Tinrocket

There are only 3 different aspect ratio formats.

The video was made on my iPhone 6 Plus. It took me a few hours to make the video. First I used GeometriCam and listen to this track, “Which Direction ?” by ANIKDOTE. I was filming footage outside for about an hour. Then went back inside and worked on the video. First I put it all together with iMovie and LumaFX. I cropped the video to 16:9 with LumaFX. Then I added an intro with IntroMate. Last I final edit with iMovie to make sure everything worked together smoothly.

Music by: ANIKDOTE – Titled: Which Direction ?

That’s the new update with GeomatriCam. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. You can also send in feed back and support to GeomtriCam at Have a nice day and see you soon !!!



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