Combo Apps/The Mobile Lens Dilemma


This blog post are for the people who are unsure about what mobile lenses to buy. The biggest problem with a lot of these mobile lenses is they aren’t made to last and have thier limitations. It doesn’t matter what system you invest in because smartphones are constantly changing their designs to get people to buy the latest and greatest smartphone. In my experience with mobile lenses I will give three type of people who buy mobile lenses. The misconceptions behind the lenses and toward the end of the blog post. I will give my opinion on what lenses I feel are a great buy and companies I trust the most. The companies will be linked to their sites and all you have to do is click on the company’s name.

Mobile Lens Buyer Type 1: These are the people who will buy anything with a name brand attached to the lenses. Money is no object to these people. They are willing to throw away their money on the name itself and hardly use these lenses. It also gets really expensive when you have to replace these lenses every two years with a new iPhone design. They will buy the following brands to impress people, Olloclip, Moment Lenses, iPro Lens, OptixExo Lenses and ect…

Now don’t get me wrong these are very good lenses with quality coated glass on them. But most of the people who buy these lenses have a misconception about where these lenses are made and where they come from. When they do take photos with these lenses, most of the time you can’t tell the difference between the expensive name brand lenses or cheap lenses. In fact most of these mobile lenses are made in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. These brand name companies aren’t going to tell you where their lenses were made but they will say “designed in the US”, “assemble in US”, “not all parts are made in US” or “mostly manufactured in US.” These are just some of they ways they mislead consumers. The only company that is legit are the iPro Lenses because they state that the lens are made in Germany on their website. But I don’t see super sharp and edge to edge sharpness from the photos taken from iPro Lenses either.

The other issue with these lenses are the counterfeit versions of most of the name brand lens companies. These companies go outside the US because of cheaper costs on mass production. They can buy mass quantity because of cheap labor costs. The companies that get the blueprints to make these lenses, end up coping the companies and selling the same lenses at a fraction of the price. Some might argue that it keeps costs down, when it in reality it gives these companies a bigger profit margin. They also pay for the fancy ads and industry name photographers to get you to buy their products. By the way I don’t see any of these big pro photographer chucking out their expensive gear to use an iPhone for their big pro photo shoots.

Mobile Lens Buyer Type 2: These are the type of people who buy cheap. They will buy the magnetic ring lenses, plastic lenses, clip lenses and Jelly Lenses. Most of these people aren’t serious about mobile photography, they just want to have fun and take unique photos with their smartphones. It’s more of a novelty and all about posting snaps on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

However, there are some serious mobile photographer who uses these lenses for artistic projects or building a body of work for a gallery show. There’s nothing wrong with buying or using these cheaper lenses. They’re also great for beginners who want to learn how these lenses work. They want to test the waters before buying better quality lenses. You also need to figure what type of mobile photography style you enjoy shooting. Most of these lenses come with a 10x macro, wide-angle and fisheye. Some lens kits will even come with a 2x telephoto and/or 8x telephoto. there are many all-in-one mobile lens kit system. You can find them on Amazon or Ebay.

Mobile Lens Buyer Type 3: These are the type of people that know what they want and know their shooting style. They will usually buy 2 or 3 different lens system because they know not all mobile lenses are going to have the same results and aware of the conditions of where they will shoot their photos. They also know that when they buy these lenses. It’s going to last them for awhile and will be used about 75 to 90% of the time when they go out to shoot photos. They have their heart on using these lenses until they can’t use them anymore. Last, they don’t want to compromise their smartphones safety so they can use these lenses either. They have to have a multi-purpose function and be able to work with the ever changing smartphone design.

In my experiences  with using mobile lenses, these are some companies I trust the most,. They are the following, Ztylus, DCkina, Squidcam and InmacusI’ll tell you why I trust these companies. They are willing to listen and work with costumers to build or sell a better product for a great experiences. I haven’t had any problems that could not be fixed with these companies.

My final thoughts on buying mobile lenses is buy what suits you, don’t buy to please your peers. Make sure it’s lenses you’re happy with and experiments with your mobile lenses. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to buy, including me (the blogger) because I only know from my experiences and everyone is different. Make sure it’s lenses you plan to use a lot if you buy the more expensive mobile lenses, ask yourself if you plan to use them more than 5 times. All of these lenses have their pros and cons. I can write a post just on that alone. Figure out what you’re willing to compromise with these lenses and find your shooting style you like to focus on the most. All lens systems are unique and are great for the purposes you want to use them for. Last thing, these mobile lenses don’t make you a better photographer. They only enhance your photos. You can buy expensive lenses and still be a crappy photographer. Just like cheap lenses don’t make you a bad photographer and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions please leave comments. Have a great evening and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/The Mobile Lens Dilemma

  1. Casey says:

    Don’t forget Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens, which is insanely great for the money. It’s just for video though, not really photo.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I didn’t add it because it’s more of a cinema lens. But in my opinion worth picking up and having in your bag of gear. Thanks for the reminder !!!

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