Combo Apps/ GoPro acquires Replay and Splice


In recent news GoPro has acquired two video app companies,  Stupeflix and Vemory. You know them as Replay and Splice. Replay has been changed to Quik, all the in-app purchases are now gone and the app is fully open. Splice still has their name and it’s the same app you’ve always known. Both apps are now FREE in the app store.

Why did GoPro acquired the two app companies ? Well they have been having financial problems in the last year. Their profits have been slipping and the their stock has been dropping. The GoPro camera themselves have been over saturated in the market, cheaper alternatives and no one is buying GoPro Cameras.

What’s the future of the two app companies ? From what I read GoPro will keep the companies as they are, GoPro wants to have better video software for their cameras and beyond. This will give the company some revenue and a cash flow for their core business. They also have plans to launch to Android, the operating system made by Alphabet Inc.’s Google, later this year.

Now you’re wondering about all of the in-app purchases you’ve made with Replay. Can you get your money back ? The question is YES and just click >”HERE”<, this will take you to the site to get your money back from the apps. I recommend you do this right away because you only have 90 days with Apple. The apps have to be purchased 90 prior to the GoPro acquisition. So if you bought the apps after the 90 days, a year or two ago, you can’t get a refund.

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment. Have great day and see you soon !!!



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