Combo Apps/LightWeaver – Cool Photo Effects

LightWeaver Demo

Just when you think there’s nothing  original hasn’t come out in the App Store, pops up a an app called LightWeaver by Paul Ollivier. If that names sounds familiar, it should because he made an app called Trimaginator. I’ve been waiting for some updates to happen with this app before writing a review. What made me decide to write the review is Paul updated the app so you can just purchase it and opened everything up. There is also a 32 bit export with no background for people who need the higher saves for graphic designs and other digital art platforms.

The image up above was edited with LightWeaver.

The Demo Photo

This will be the demo photo used for the tutorial.

Made with This by Tinrocket

I use This by Tinrocket to point out all of the button on how to operate LightWeaver.

Made with This by Tinrocket

As you can see it’s really easy to operate this app.

Made with This by Tinrocket

Made with This by Tinrocket

The colors for the lines are endless with different hues and you can change the colors when you layer each line preset. You don’t have to use the same colors.

Made with This by Tinrocket

In order for you to see the LightWeaver lines to show up on your photos. You must have an overlay color. If you don’t have an overlay color on top of your photo, the lines will not show up on top of your photo. I’m showing you how to change the overlay color.

LIGHTWeaver Saves

These are the two different saves, the left is a regular  and the right is the 32 bit save with no background.

Made with LightWeaver

Overall if you want something different and creative, LightWeaver is worth the pick for $2.99. You have a lot of creative features and tools to work with. The app runs smoothly without any crashes and universal to all iPads. The 32bit export is really nice option to have and you can layer the preset weaves over each other. You really can’t go wrong with this app. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!





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6 Responses to Combo Apps/LightWeaver – Cool Photo Effects

  1. Looks like an interesting app. Thanks for the review! 😘

  2. Steve says:

    OMG I got it but I can’t figure out what I’m doing … or how to create something that isn’t a disaster.

  3. dionneashley says:

    I recently purchased this app and was a bit confused at first. My epiphany occurred around the time I figured out how to adjust the opacity of the “strings.” I didn’t at first realize that there is an intensity bar above the color/saturation bar when you open the edit options on the left of your project (two buttons, both have opacity options). There are two opacities, one for the photo itself and for the lines superimposed onto your image. This discovery basically sold me on the entire app, since I was enjoying the effects but hoping to lighten them somewhat and/or blend the layers together in a different app. I also love that I can stack effects one on top of another. Over all, a high quality app that has a lot of forethought included within it. As Tina mentioned, the transparent background save option opens up a TON of possibilities with this app. Definitely worth the 2-3 dollars! Thanks for another great review, Combo Apps!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      This app does have a lot to offer. At first when the app came out, I wasn’t fond of the whole layout and concept. We went back and fourth between emails, arguing the name, concept, definition and the in-app purchases. After the emails I left him alone, so he could sort it out and find meaning with his app. I told him when you’ve done a few updates and smooth the app out. I’ll write about it. That was the best thing to do was to leave him be and figure it out. Now it’s a very powerful and creative app. I know I came off abrasive, mean and cold in my emails but I knew he could make this app better with a clearer and cleaner concept that’s not like any other app on the market. I’m glad you like LightWeaver.

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