Combo Apps/The Zoo Field Trip

This was the second grade field trip to the San Diego Zoo. I shot the photos with my iPhone 6 Plus, ProCamera (app) and Ztylus Z-Prime Telephoto lens. I put the slideshow together with iMovie. The intro for the slideshow movie was done with IntroMate. All photo were not edit and straight from the camera.

One other thing the San Diego Zoo turned 100 years old. So if you ever come to visit San Digeo, I recommend visiting the zoo. It’s one of the top 3 zoos in the world.

Music by Broke For Free

Ztylus website:




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2 Responses to Combo Apps/The Zoo Field Trip

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello ashcroft54 (Tina).

    I really enjoyed that! The were having such fun. They seemed to be having such a grand time, without too many worries getting in the way. Their expressions were terrific – alternating between “hanging out with friends” and “total awe and attention to one of the animals”.

    I have heard a lot of good things about the San Diego Zoo – now I know a lot more – thanks. I do so like zoos and aquariums. I took pride in you showing one of our natives, too – the Koala!

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      They have a lot of Australian animals at the zoo because we have about the same climate as you guys do but opposite. You should look at If you do come to San Diego, check out The Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Birth Aquarium, Balboa Park, San Diego Botanic Gardens and Sea World.

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