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I did a survey about education with Common Core Education through a Twitter feed offer by iOgrapher. I have experience with Common Core Education because of all the volunteer time I put on last year in Ms. Spitzer class and being on the PTA Executive Board.


After two day I got my iOgrapher case in the mail, that was really fast. All I cared about was getting the case because I have 37mm lenses and filter to attached to the case already.

My iOgrapher

When I took out the iOgrapher Case it felt light and surprising solid. I like the fact that the thread mounts for the tripod and lens ount are brass and not plastic. It’s screwed together and not one big mold of plastic. My iPhone 6 plus was really easy to put on and take out of the case. What else I like  about the case is I have room to use the screen. I can type on the screen with m iPhone in the case and adjust the controls on the apps with ease.

37mm Wide-Angle Lens

The lens I’m using f from my Cinema Mount. It’s 100 degrees wide angle lens that is 58mm in diameter on the front and 37mm on the back. You can screw off the top of the lens and use the bottom lens as a macro. This is a very heavy and robust wide-angle lens. This lens also has edge to edge sharpness and no vignette corners. What’s nice is the hand grip on the sides of the iOgrapher case, helps balance your iPhone while shooting videos.

The best way I could think of testing out this case in order to write a review. Was take the case and shoot some video footage at the Garden Club after school. I used Hyperlapse to film all of the footage, IntroMate to make the beginning of the short movie and put it all together with iMovie. I hope you will enjoy watching Garden Club.


The iOgrapher website offers bundle packages and third party accessories on their website. One of the the products they offer is the Moondog Labs anamorphic lens with 37mm thread mount. They also offer the Turninkit DoF mount for Canon and Nikon. These two item are offered separately and not included in any bundle packs.

Susan Roderick of Filmic Pro’s head of media highly recommends the iOgrapher, if you watch this video you will see she pulls out an iOgrapher for the iPhone 5S.

This is the last thing I wanted to share with you for post production lovers. The Rampant Filmmaker Toolbox is only offered through iOgrapher.

Now my overall feelings about the iOgrapher, it’s not hype when it comes to this case. It lives up to the hype and a necessary tool for mobile filmmakers. It’s one well build product and high on my recommendation list. It case really surprise me because of handy it was to do hand held shots with my iPhone. I had fun filming with the kids at Garden Club, thanks to iOgrapher. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments. You can contact iOgrapher for questions and details about their products at Have a good evening and see you soon !!!



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