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FrameLapse is designed to help you express those key moments in your life, FrameLapse lets you choose existing material or capture something new, use a wide selection of editing tools to make it stand out and incorporate music from your iTunes library to really personalise those unforgettable events.

FrameLapse is simple and easy to use. From the moment you open the app you’re taken to an option screen that allows you to either import previous media or start with something new. The importing option allows you to revisit great memories saved in your picture gallery. Rather than let your photos and videos gather dust, why not bring them to life and share your moments with the world. Users have the ability to enhance their images and videos with contrast tools plus a whole host of great filters.

When capturing live content, a simple frame setting can be adjusted to set the videos’ speed and duration. Once recorded, users have access to the same great manipulation tools as those available for imported material.

Also within the tools list is an option to include music to play over the top of your video. FrameLapse can access your iTunes music library so you can select a track that suits the theme of your video, really bringing that moment to life. When completed, all content can be saved as either an MP4 or GIF allowing you to share content across your social channels.

“We wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to the market that allowed users to really express their experiences in life, rather than just a photo album clogging up memory on your phone which nobody will ever look at,” said Pierre Gougelet, CEO, XnView Software. “With FrameLapse we’ve taken our best image editing experience and combined it with video to create a more engaging and emotional way to express the moments in your life.”

FrameLapse is the latest creation from mobile app developers XnView Software, who specialize in image manipulation apps. The app is available as a free download from the App Store or as a Pro version for $2.99.

For more information about FrameLapse, please visit

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Key features:

Quick and Creative – create short videos and use FrameLapse’s wide range of editing tools to illustrate the stories of your life

Live Recording – when live recording, you have the ability to pause and record multiple times which can be compressed into a short burst video

Stop Motion – capture multiple images to create a flipbook-style story of events both past and present

iTunes – access your phone’s music library and to make your FrameLapse come alive

Share – save as either a GIF or MP4 allowing you to share your stories across your social channels

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However let me give you some of my experience with the app itself. There are some things I don’t like about the app. It’s the orientation mode is default set to portrait mode. I prefer to do everything in landscape mode because I like to make the video shorts into a short music video, like shown up above. I had to load the video footage onto LumaFX to change all of the orientation and save it at a higher resolution output. The second thing I don’t like is uploading your footage, which will only do about 6 seconds. I would like to be able to import the full video footage if I want to change the filters or edit within the app. I don’t like to sit and edit footage right away. I like to film it and move onto the next. Third the app crashes after prolong use of the app. I feel this should be fixed right away. It’s really annoying that you’re working on such small files and the app crashed in the middle of editing.

Overall the app is great for people who want to do small projects and post video shots on Instagram. I had fun with FrameLapse in the park to film the footage but this app is really made for enthusiasts who want to share their video clips on social media. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon.



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