Mobile Monochromes Group Showcase 2


Feature cover art goes to Flavio Gori Iklee, the cover art will be up all through the month of April. I wanted to mention that this month was full of amazing monochrome art. There will be 20 people featured this month along with two “Honorable Contributor Mention.” 

Number 1: Marian Seid Rubin‎, this is a very moving portrait that just sings to you.

Number 2: Lisa Finkelman, well composed still life.

Number 3: Tanja Mortensen for beautiful art self portrait.

Number 4: Marsha Estes, demise of the pudding cup.

Number 5: Edward Santos, NYC Brooklyn Bridge.

Number 6: Matt Strelecki, Hong Kong, MTR.

Number 7: Rob Pearson-Wright, ‘No one has ever become poor from giving’ – Anne Frank.

Number 8: Patricia Januszkiewicz‎, mother and child portrait.

Number 9: Marcus Carlsson‎, A rainy day with Analogue.

Number 10: Srividhya Lambu‎, Cubed face…

Number 11: Claudia Contreras‎, Derrotado.

Number 12: Elaine Taylor‎, Charlie. Salt’s Mill, Yorkshire Uk.

Number 13: Mariëtte Schrijver‎, My fight in the fog.

Number 14: Carlos Velazquez‎, parked classic car.

Number 15: Glenn Kulm‎, High contrast snow and clouds – Crowley Lake CA.

Number 16: Dieter Gaebel‎, Street corner (series college).

Number 17: Dirk Decker, going underground.

Number 18: Edith Meier, Shadows shadows, I’m followed by shadows.

Number 19: Leor Levine, Silent Divas.

Number 20: Susan Rennie, At the opening.

Honorable Contributor Mention: Donna Donato, Tulips.

Honorable Contributor Mention: Clint Cline, soft candid portrait.

Tune in next month for a brand new showcase, will you please congratulate the people who were featured in this month’s showcase. See you next month !!!


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One Response to Mobile Monochromes Group Showcase 2

  1. dirkdecker says:

    oh wOw … thanks for choosing my “going underground” to be featured, very flattering. and congrats to all the others!

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