Combo Apps/Vivid HDR The Update

Bleach - Dynamic Vivid HDR

Many of you read my review on Vivid HDR, almost a year ago. I really ripped apart the app. It also brought up a lot of questions and controversies with the Mobile Photography Community. But the problem I had was everyone raving reviews from top bloggers saying this is the best apps to get for your iPhone. When these bloggers knew this app has some serious noise, artifacts and compression issues. Only one of the bloggers pointed it out and his name, David Pasillas. Now it’s 2016, Vivid HDR has a very recent update. So I downloaded the app and wanted to see if they really improved the app. Did they clean up the problems ? Did they really fix anything ? Do I think it’s the best HDR app ?

Vivid HDR - JPEG Demo 1

Vivid HDR - JPEG Demo 2

These two were shot with JPEG, the top is Natural (flowers) and the bottom (clouds) is Dramatic. You can already see the noise right off the bat.

Vivid HDR - JPEG Blowup

When you blow them up, you can really see how noisy the JPEGs look. I didn’t expect anything from JPEGs because I don’t normally shoot JEPGs when I do HDR.

Vivid HDR - TIFF Demo 1

Vivid HDR - TIFF Demo 2

These two were shot with TIFF. The top is Dramatic (hedge with clouds) and the bottom is Natural (flower). They both look pretty good but what happens when we blow them up ?

Vivid HDR TIFF Blowup

Well you still get the noise and a little less artifacts. When I used Dramatic, that when I feel the photos results have the worst output that’s really noticeable. I’ll show you an example below.

Vivid HDR - Dramatic

I don’t even have to blow this photos up and you can see where it’s really bad. This is a TIFF file shot with my iPhone 6 Plus in Dramatic Mode. I don’t get how people are not noticing how bad their photos looks when they use this app. Overall I would like to know what they really improve with this latest update ? The questions I asked at the beginning of the blog post will be answered with a definite, NO !!! All I can say is, lets see what happen’s next year in 2017…

If you have any questions or opinions with this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon.




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10 Responses to Combo Apps/Vivid HDR The Update

  1. So disappointing. I always had high hopes for these developers. They seemed eager to want to get it right.

    The reason I think people continue to use this app is they have no idea what good image quality looks like. Not everyone has a discerning eye.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I agree with what you’re saying. You shouldn’t have to run through a photo 3 to 5 times in Noiseware to smooth out all the noise. To the point where your photo will look so smooth, you forgot what the photo was suppose to look like.

      I’m sure the developers are trying but what they should work with people who have those discerning eyes. It would help them develop a better app, so we don’t see these same issues popping up. All they want to do is analysis your files and fix it from there. I get that can work but they miss the point that human brain and a computer are two entirely different entities.

  2. imapurrson says:

    Thank you for the update.

  3. rjllane says:

    Hi there ashcroft54 (Tina).

    Another honest review from you, well founded and backed by evidence. In this respect, your efforts are in strong contrast to many of the “reviews” put up on the web by those who just parrot the publicity information. It is indeed disappointing that the developers have not been able to resolve the issues with this app. A good HDR app is a must on an iPhone because the raw files are not available – these are where I would go to recover detail and colors in areas that were too dark or blown out with a standard JPG conversion.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Hopefully Apple will work on a camera RAW of their own. This would make HDR worth wild on an iPhone. Many people have this misconception that HDRs have to have tone map or they look less unrealistic. But in reality, we are always in full HDR with our eyes and brains. That hasn’t changed since the dawn of humanity. Now we make machines to replicate what we see in everyday life. I know I went off on a tangent there but you seem to get what I’m saying…

      • rjllane says:

        Hi there again ashcroft54 (Tina).

        No problems – I’m getting what you are saying. 🙂 Have yourself a great and satisfying day.

        🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  4. Leo says:

    Which HDR app would you recommend if not VividHDR? I had FusionHDR (i think on your recommendation), but ive since deleted it and all other HDR apps for some reason (i think there was an issue with all of them)

  5. nasty2013 says:

    Hmm, which HDR app do you recommend (right now)?

    I remember using FusionHDR (on your recommendation, i think, a while ago) but since deleted it (i think there was an issue with it, cant remember what though). Right now I have PureShot and I use the 3 bracket mode, it does an okay job but ive considered deleting it

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