Combo Apps/SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto

SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto Lens

I got the SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto lens kit from DCkina. This was everything that was included in the kit. Out of everything I’ve tried from DCkina, I was kind of disappointed with this lens kit. I’m not going to go into it but you will see what I mean when you see the photos on this post. I feel the problem was the design of the lens. The threaded mount is only 17.5mm, which isn’t very large. The other end of the lens is 40mm. The lens itself is heavy glass, pretty well constructed and a little hard to use the manual focus.


When I used the lens, I had to use a tripod because it’s hard for me to keep it steady. The slightest movement with this lens and you loose your shot.


If you have steady large hands, then go for it with handheld shots.

Regular iPhone 6 Plus Demo

This is a regular photo shot from where I was sitting out at the park.

SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto Lens Demo - 1

Demo 1

SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto Lens Demo - 2

Demo 2

SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto Lens Demo - 3

Demo 3, as you can see you son’t get edge to edge sharpness and only sharp in the middle area of the photo.

I did shoot a video clip demo with this lens. It does have a nice soft glow look to your videos, if you’re look for that type of look to your videos. Overall I was still disappointing because I was expecting a lot with this lens. The price for this lens is $134.50. I’m not going to say anything more and just leave it to interpretation with this review and go on some bad mouth rampage. Just about everything I’ve gotten from DCkina have been really great. If you have any question, you can leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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One Response to Combo Apps/SLR-Grade 14x Telephoto

  1. Tracy Munson says:

    Wow! That’s pretty terrible. I used to have a 12x lens that I got on ebay for like $8 and it was awful, but no worse than that!

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