Combo Apps/Pastello and Impresso Pro

Pastello Demo

I was contacted by JixiPix to try out their new PRO version of their apps. I was really impressed with what you can do with their new PRO edition apps compared to the iPhone/iPad version. Before I get into the app review and tutorial with both of these iPad Pro apps, I’m going to show a before and after using Pastello. The top photo is the before and demo.

Pastello - 3

Here is the after using Pastello. One of the things I was impressed with was blowing it up with no pixielation and seeing the details of the color pencil, pastel and chalk. It was pretty realistic that you couldn’t tell it was computer generated.

Pastello and Impresso Pro are both iPad Pro app that were released by Jixipix. Before it was put out in the App Store, Pastello and Impresso Pro were only a desktop stand alone or Photoshop plug-in program. The future of Jixipix apps are to take the desktop version and put into an iPad Pro. The desktop versions of these app are more powerful with more detailed tools. They also do a better job of masking than on an iPhone or regular iPad version. To give you an idea of how powerful the app is on a desktop. I posted three different tutorials on how to use Pastello.

This is a tutorial on how to use Impresso Pro.

Impresso Demo

This is my before photo.

Impresso - 3

This is my after with Impresso Pro. Now you’re wonder about the price for Pastello and Impresso Pro. Both apps sell for $39.99 each and work with iPad Pro, iPad Airs and iPad Mini 3/4. You have to have an iPad that has the 64 gig processor because these apps are resource hungry. Overall it’s worth it if you’re a mobile artist who wants to do fine details with their mobile art work. I also see this being the future with a lot of mobile apps, bringing the desktop to your hands. Now if you’re not sure about buying the app, you can download it and test it on your Mac and Windows PC first before buying it on your iPad Pro. I highly recommend testing it out first before buying. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comment or contact Jixipix. Have a great and see you soon !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Pastello and Impresso Pro

  1. Pamela Sweda says:

    Definitely on my Must Have list!!! Thanks so much, Tina!!!

  2. jmkrikorian says:

    Hello, what are the main differences between Impresso and Pastello? It seems they offer different “filters”. What else can you share?

    Thanks, JM

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Well Impresso is more painterly and Pastello is more about pastels and chalk. They have they a mobile version on iOS. You can also download the programs for free to test them out on your laptop or desktop to test out. The presets are nice but I always end up tweaking them. I just see these as the future for iPad Prousers. Bring the desktop to the tablet.

  3. luckydada says:

    Hello. I’m confused to the main differences between Impresso and Pastello. Can you clarify that for me? Thank you, JM

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