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NeonFrames Demo

The other the developer contacted me to let me know, that she updated her app, NeonFrames. I played with it for a little bit. I really like it because it’s different than other frame apps. It gives your art work a new perspective. It’s also very easy to use and the results are pretty amazing.

Recently Added-558

NeonFrames is really easy to operate, first you decide if you want to load a photo or take a pictures. I’m going to load a photo from my library. As you can see in the second screen shot you have your choices of frames to pick from. You can even crop your photos too but I’m going to talk about the cropping with this app. I’m mostly going to talk about the frames.

Recently Added-559

After you pick what type of frame you like. you can change the color and adjust the frame size. It’s pretty easy, just slide left or right to find the color you like. Then on the right you can apply the frame size you like. Last after you are done you have three different save options. I always save mine at high.

NeonFrame Demo

This is my simple frame creation.

Recently Added-564

Now I want to show you how to make a word neon frame. First you load a photo from your library. Second (not shown) is tap on the Neon Frame button and select the T frame. Third you type in your word and choose the font you like.

Recently Added-566

Just like with the frames, you can adjust the frame with and color. You can go back and change the font if your don’t like how the overall style.

Sunset 2 NeonFrames

This is my Sunset creation with NeonFrames. I posted two to show you that you can change the backgrounds, black, white and transparent (not shown). Overall it’s a really great app for a creative frames. It’s different from other framing type of apps out there. What’s even better is that NeonFrames only sells for $.99 and universal to the iPad with no in-app purchases. You can check out NeonFrame’s website on more details to create other types of frames. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon.



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