Combo Apps/iKlips Duo

The brand new iKlips Duo has been rethought, redesigned and re-imagined into something that works even better. With a new Lightning connector that fits almost any iPhone case, a stretchy rubber cap, handy key ring and a more powerful iOS app than ever before – you’ll get attached to it all over again. Just maybe a little bit more this time. Transfer anything from your computer to iPhone or iPad and vice-versa. External iPad and iPhone storage that’s perfect for photos, movies, music, transfer and backup.

Better connected – With USB 3.1 and a Lightning connector, you can get your content from your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac in record time. Make real, physical backups of your precious Camera Roll memories or your iTunes music library. Think of it as your backup for the cloud and as your tool for sharing on the go. It’s better to be connected when and where you need it.

exFAT – no limits – With iKlips DUO, you can forget about limitations. Formatted with exFAT, iKlips DUO doesn’t have restrictions on individual file sizes. Other drives with FAT32 are limited to a measly 4GB per file – not even enough for most HD movies. If you’ve got the capacity, use it how you want.

MLC Flash memory – Produced with top quality MLC flash memory, it has the world’s fastest memory for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro. Besides enabling greater speeds, it provides greater stability and a longer lifespan. It will last as long as you want it to.

Apple MFi-certified – Fully certified and licensed by Apple as a product Made for iPhone, iPad & iPod. Designed specifically for Apple, iKlips Duo meets strict performance and manufacturing standards and is guaranteed  by ADAM elements.

iKlips 2 is the other half of what makes iKlips DUO even better. It’s an intuitive app that makes using your iKlips DUO an even easier experience, featuring 3D Touch support, multi-select, Spilt View, password protection, Drop To, and even integration with Apple’s Music app to access your iTunes purchases. Having the ability to organize, store more and share on the go with friends, family, and colleagues gives you the power to do more. iKlips 2 is the way you want to manage your device – easily. Available for iKlips and iKlips DUO.

iKlips Duo - 1

Check out the iKlips DUO campaign on Indiegogo for more details, perks and a referral program they are offering on the campaign page. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave a comment or contact Adam Elements, here. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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