Combo Apps/Introducing LumaFX

LumaFX is a powerful mobile video editing app. It’s design to add custom layers and color correction to your videos. It’s one of the easiest video editing apps I’ve used so far. It really blows my mind with how simple and powerful it is. I know people have had issues getting started with iMovie (me included). This is not the case with LumaFX. I loaded the app, got right into playing with the editing tools, effects and custom layers. I haven’t even watch the video tutorial on how to use this app. Below I will post each tutorial on how to operate LumaFX, there will be 3 videos.

LumaFX Tutorial Part 1 – Frame, Trim and Speed FX

LumaFX Tutorial Part 2 – Color Correction and Color Effects

LumaFX Tutorial Part 3 – Video Effects – all the tutorial are on the robotic side but they show you how simple and easy it is to use the app. These tutorials are great for people who want to start to learn how to edit videos. I know over time you will see more video tutorial popping up on YouTube and Vimeo to show you more advance ways to use this app. They’re great basic how to videos. LumaFX is great for all levels of videographers and mobile movie makers. They really set the bar in how to make simple and effective video editing app without all the bells and whistles. I love the fact this app isn’t complicated to operate.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for, Luma Touch asked me to create something with their app. This is what I made for them and sharing with you. What I did with LumaFX were doubled the speed, added a comic effect and did some fine tuning editing to bring out details. However I did stitch the movie together with iMovie, added in the sound track and add in the text. I’m hoping Luma Touch will add in text and add in sound tracks in future update. Then I will do away with iMovie all together. So far when I used this app, no crashes and it’s very stable. My video was at 1080p, so I’m not sure how well it handle’s 4K. My iPhone only goes up to 3K with this app. This might be a deal break for some people who use Filmic Pro and love the 50Mbps output on 1080p and 100Mbps output on 4Kk. LumaFX 1080p only goes up to 19.8Mbps and 3K goes up to 57.2Mbps. I did tell the developer about this. They told me they will work on an update to see which device can handle the output. They plan ramp up the Mbps (Megabits per second) in future updates, but the biggest concern with the developers was to make sure the app was in working stable condition. I would rather have in an app that’s sound and stable. Than one with resolution full resolution with full output that crashes all the time. It’s really important to have the best output with the device you’re using, so you can get the best experience.

Price of LumaFX is $4.99 (intro price) with no in-app purchases,  compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 9. It also take up a lot of less space on your mobile devices compared to iMovie. Check out their forums page for support and more things to come with LumaFX. You can also email Luma Touch at Below is a video message from the Co-Founder, Terri Morgan of Luma Touch. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Introducing LumaFX

  1. imapurrson says:

    Hi Tina, I like the comic effect, and also like that you shot the video from a trolley. It makes for a very interesting look with the constant motion, and the special effects. I viewed the video tutorials and found them helpful. I like what I see and what can be done with LumaFX after viewing your video and the tutorials. It’s also nice to know that you feel the app is easy to use. I’m not sure about purchasing LumaFX at this point as I don’t shoot video that often. On the other hand, I wonder what their regular price will be after the introductory price is no longer offered. LumaFX would be a nice app to own. I’m left pondering about this one. Thank you, always, for your honest opinion about apps and photo equipment. Cheers, Denise

    • ashcroft54 says:

      If you already have iMovie because you can get it free from new devices. Then you’re fine with just that app, especially when you hardly shoot any videos. I shoot a lot of videos now because I’ve gotten away from extreme mobile art editing.

      • imapurrson says:

        Thank you, so very much, for the info. For now, I’ll put LumaFX into my watch list. If I’m lucky, perhaps LumaFX will have a future sale offering a price better than their introductory price, or perchance it may be offered for free at some point. I really like the fact that you felt LumaFX was easier to navigate than iMovie. Also, I’m really appreciating those special effects. Your video 📽 👀👌 looks pretty cool the way you edited it. If memory serves me correctly, iMovie didn’t have special effects. It’s been so long that I don’t remember. If I was near wifi I’d download it again to check it out. Take care, Tina, and I hope you have yourself a nice evening.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        iMovie has themes, project filter, adding text and the normal video editing tools.

      • imapurrson says:

        😃 Thanks, again, Tina. I appreciate your response.

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