Mobile Monochromes Group Showcase 1

This is the first showcase of Mobile Monochromes Group on Facebook. I’m going to post 10 photos from the group. We will start with Paul Moore. He posted this amazing photo in the group.

Second goes to Claudia Eucalyptha for this great shot in Amsterdam.

Third goes to Armineh Hovanesian. I love how you can feel the power coming through this photo.

Fourth goes to Igor Belan Bohan with a simple message.

Fifth goes to Jo Sullivan in how she used a shadow from a table to make a simple illusion.

Sixth goes to Giulia Baita for her nice surrealism with street photography.

Seventh goes to Erik Lieber for movement and feeling with this photo.

Eighth goes to Jane Schultz for the looking glass.

Ninth goes to Patricia Roosen for fog.

Tenth goes to Lulu Elenes for this amazing night shot.

We wanted to introduce you to one of out two admins in the group, Violet Martins.

Our second admin is Kim Martino-Diaz.

Our first Honorable Contributor Mention goes to Flavio Gori Ikeel.

Our second Honorable Contributor Mention goes to Susan Rennie. Please keep posting your monochrome photos and images and see you next month !!!


Cover art belongs to Molla Evelina


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One Response to Mobile Monochromes Group Showcase 1

  1. eucalyptha says:

    This is so great!! Thank you for picking my photo!!

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