Combo Apps/Trigraphy Update 2.0

Trigraphy from Martin Ivanov on VimeoTrigraphy update 2.0 had a total redesign from the ground up. I was really impressed with this update and played around with the app for awhile. I’ll show you a couple of demos I made with this app.

Trigraphy – Mask tool from Martin Ivanov on Vimeo. Simple masking tutorial, the masking tool is pretty easy to use. I can even use this app on my iPod Touch.


Trigraphy Flower Demo

This is one of the demos I did yesterday. All I did was erase the Veddi off of the flower and kept the background the way it was. You pinch in with your finger in an out when you do the masking.

Recently Added-715

In order for you to use the layer blending and textures, you have to switch off the Follow Form button and you will see that it’s turned off. Then you can go in an change around the blends, size and textures. You have have endless choices to play with. the other thing I like about this app is you can pile layers on top of each other, by the time you finished using this app. Your image will look like no other image out there with it’s endless combinations.

Geometry Jungle 2

This is my final edit with Trigraphy.

Recently Added-711

The in-app purchases, if you want to save at a higher resolution you have to pay to unlock that save option. If you have an iPad Pro, I recommend buying the in-app purchases and it’s $4.99. There is one FREE pack you can download. The rest you have to purchases. They start at $.99 to $1.99. For a limited time Trigraphy is FREE to download and compatible to most iOS devices.

You can follow Trigraphy on Instagram @trigraphy and hash tag your creations with #trigraphy. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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