Combo Apps/The Ztylus Z-Prime Kit

The moment that most of you have been waiting for, my review on the Ztylus Z-Prime Kit. I’ve taken a lot of photos with both lenses. I must say I’m really impressed with how sharp my photos look with both of these lenses. The other thing that impressed me was how light weight these lenses are but have a very durable build. I was expecting them to be heavier because they’re bigger than the average mobile lenses. Even the lens cap for these primes lenses are great, you don’t have to worry about loosing the caps.

My Z-Primes

These prime lenses work naturally for me while I was out taking photos. I didn’t have a hard time switching between lenses. That was my biggest concern with using larger mobile lenses. Once you have a lens on, you’re stuck using that lens for while. You have a hard time changing between lenses on the go. For example the 37mm lenses are really hard to switch between because of the “screwing” off/on and making sure they line up properly.

Z-Prime Comparison

Here are my Z-Prime comparison right off the bat, as you can see the different between the photos. The telephoto is a bigger lens and tends to underexpose your photos. So open up the the f-stop just a little, that’s the dial with -1, 0 and +1 on your manual controls.

Standard iPhone shot without a lens

Z-Prime Wide Angle shot

Z-Prime Telephoto

These are larger comparisons so you can see the difference better with each lens and standard shot.

Z-Prime Wide-Angle

I have two pet peeves with mobile lenses. One is the dreaded vignette corners. Two blurred edges. It’s really hard to find mobile lenses that have edge to edge sharpness with no vignette corners. The wide-angle is pretty sharp compared to a lot of mobile lenses on the market. You have to blow up your photo to really see the imperfections.  Where most mobile lenses you can see the blurriness right away on screen without blowing them up.

Recently Added-914

The telephoto lens isn’t bad either. You have to really blow it up to see the imperfections. You don’t get barrel distortion or chromatic aberrations. Which are my pet peeves with most mobile telephoto lenses. You have to correct all of these problems with apps, so you can get a decent photo. Sometimes you can make your photo look worse if you over edit the corrections.

Z-Primes fits on my old case

People have asked me will the Z-Primes work with my original Ztulus case ? The answer is YES, shown in the photo up above. That is my original Ztylus case with a Telephoto Z-Prime attached to it.

This is what I got !!!

The moment you have been waiting for, price and ordering the kits. The Z-Prime Kits sell for $199.95. Ztylus only sells them in two kits, iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. You’re wondering if it’s worth buying one of these kits. The answer is YES because when iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes out they will probably design a case for the new iPhones to work with the Lens Revolver/Z-primes and offer new kit packages. If you check out their site, Ztylus has different incentive programs to fit your needs and offer giveaways. If you want to order one after reading this blog post and get a discount, type in ASHCROFT54. What they offer are great service, satisfaction and incentives. I don’t know very many companies that offer loyalty incentive programs for mobile gear.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or contact Ztylus Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/The Ztylus Z-Prime Kit

  1. Nanashi says:

    I absolutely love these primes … I haven’t used them much yet but the quality is superb! What a big difference vs regular wide angle lens … I compared there prime to my olloclip wide angle and also the ztylus revolver wide angle and such a big difference the prime makes … Well worth the money … Also the telephoto has been great for portraits with less exaggeration in facial features … The carrier case is a really great added bonus with multiple options to clip it and as Tina mentioned there magnetic lens cap works perfectly (and can also be removed) .. I only wish I could have the revolver on at the same time as the prime so I can quickly shoot macro … I’m hoping they release a revolver with only macro lens of different magnification so then I can retire my macro olloclip 😊 … Thanks for the review and these primes are totally worth it!!!

  2. rjllane says:

    Excellent post ashcroft54 (Tina). I’m always pleased to read a review from a “real” person like yourself. You tell it like you see it. And show us the results so that we can make up our own mind. The shots look great. So many lens systems “ruin” the iPhone’s good camera by producing awful shots with all sorts of artifacts, but your photos give the impression that you aren’t using an “extra” lens at all – that the Ztylus lens is an integral part of the iPhone camera system.

    Further to the suggestion from @Nanashi, I wonder if Ztylus might offer a “build-your-own” revolver – where the buyer gets to buy an empty revolver and fills it with their choice of a wide range of lens types??

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  3. I must be losing my mind. I thought you wrote a blog on the new cloning brush in iColorama. But I can’t find it at your blog or in the reader.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I wrote about iColorama long time ago. I have written about the app because it constantly changes and I can’t keep up with the changes. I guess I should actually write about it…

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