Combo Apps/The In-App Purchase Dilemma

Today there will be no pictures and images on this blog post, just words. I’m going to give my opinions, thoughts, feelings and experiences with the in-app purchases. The biggest questions that plays out in your head are “should I” or “shouldn’t I ?” The answer is to go with your gut. Your gut will tell you what “to buy” or “not to buy.”

In my experience, I’ve come across three types of people in the mobile community. When it comes to their point of view on in-app purchases. Below are the three types, I’ve come across in the community for the past 5 years.

Number 1: The ones who will buy anything and everything without thinking. I used to be that type of person in the beginning. I would buy it all because I had the money. Overtime  I started to realize I was throwing my money away. Some of the blogs I subscribed at the time would tell me to buy this or that app. I would buy it based on their recommendations because they were the well respected experts. Then it turned out to be an app I wasted a lot money on because of these so-called experts. What made it worse was I bought into the in-app purchases too. I was using up space on my iPhone because I bought all this stuff based on their recommendations. My problem was I didn’t think for myself and depending on someone else to decide what I should buy. I’m a lot smarter now.

Number 2: The one who refuse to buy into anything. They believe everything should be free and come with the app. Believe or not I used to be that way with in-app purchases because of apps like Hipstamatic, Over and VSCO. I bought into most of these in-app purchases. I was feeling why am I shelling out money constantly for these apps. I’m not even using these packs. They end up just sitting around and forgotten. Then I gave up my job, so I didn’t have all this money to throw away on in-app purchases. Eventually this turned me into a bitter and unhappy person. I wanted some of the in-app purchases but couldn’t buy them. This is what made me a smarter person now.

Number 3: The one who thinks before they buy. This turned out to be the happy medium between the two types. Sometimes you have to ask yourself will I actually use this purchase more than 5 times. If yes, then get it. If no, then don’t get it. I’ve learn this is the way to go with in-app purchases. You end up being happier with what you have because you made the choices that fits with what you want to achieve. No one can fault you for making a wise choice. Now I make those wise choices.

These are my feelings, experiences and opinions on the in-app purchase dilemma. You may not agree with me but I know everyone has different perspective on this topic. Because let’s face it, we are all human…all I can say is learn from me and go from there.


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7 Responses to Combo Apps/The In-App Purchase Dilemma

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have gone through all of the stages you have mentioned above. I am now at the stage where I look at the in app purchase and ask myself ‘is this really worth it? Do I have another app that does basically the same thing as this additional feature?’
    There is one more option I would like your opinion on. The option where the app is free to play around with – but there are a ton of ads running through it. With a nominal fee to remove the ads.
    I have also used this option in the past as well. If I don’t use the app. I delete it off my phone.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      That’s a good one too. Those apps are called Freemimums. They’re free but loaded with in-app purchases, ad removal fee and watermark removal fee. I tend to stay away from a lot of those apps because they’re designed to post on social media and the younger crowd. A lot of videos apps are notorious for these hidden costs.

  2. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina (ashcroft54).

    A post straight from your heart. Thank-you for sharing. You have a rare ability to write with genuine feeling and honesty.

    I have yet to reach Number 3, but I do have some hard and fast “rules”. I share the sentiments with apps that feature ads – deleted or not purchased or downloaded. And pet hate – apps that do not save at the pixel count of the current iPhone. If they do not produce output at the original “resolution”, then I delet them.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Most photos apps I feel they should be at the high resolution output. Video apps not so much, I want them to be at least 720p. I don’t care about 4K. I’m waiting for video to catch up in the next couple of years.

  3. Pedro says:

    Number 3 but I used to be almost like number 1 🙂

  4. I’m rather new to all this. So I’ve been the oh just buy it person. However, I’m turning into number 3. Good article.

  5. I have been wanting to read this since it popped up in my email, but I’ve been stretched quite thin by my $.99 50GB iCloud storage that seems to update whenever my credit goes empty, or as I’ve noticed I will make an in-app purchase that goes thru even though I do not have sufficient funds for it … which essentially holds all updates to all apps hostage and the ability to reinstall apps is put on hold until I make good on that $.33 or whatever I have gone over.
    that’s what makes me bitter.
    as for knowing what I’m going to use and not going to use, I think we all have to go thru these stages and learn from the mistakes of buying every dam hipstamatic pac just because … they’re like Pokemon and you gotta catch em all. unfortunately, now that hipstamatic is what it is, I can’t keep it on my 16GB iPhone5s without a massive amount of data being sucked up by it.
    something a good friend of mine said after he broke down and got his first mobile device, not long after I got my first iPod (we were hold-outs without cell phones and into analog recording and music gear and actual painting, etc. with a very optimal view of SF during the 1990s gentrification in the mission district, and a seething dislike for the boom and bust of the “dotcommie” startup bubble that popped all over the creative community around the millennium turn …and now with the app boom … tbc) he said:
    “you’re really just borrowing these apps. you don’t actually own anything”
    which is true. and in fact, after reading the t&c’s of a more recent inventive niche image/vid editing app I swear I’m convinced that I can’t ever use the app legally unless I don’t post my results anywhere and I don’t bring in data edited by another app into it.and at that time I must make it clear what I used to make the thing by hash tagging it and placing a hard copy in the snail mail and sending it to San Francisco for approval … and lastly giving them permission to do whatever they want to my work and give access to my camera (late at night when I’m asleep – with my credit cards in plain-sight of the lens).

    thx @Ashcroft54 for another great one that deserves some attention!!

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