Combo Apps/3 Simple Black and White Conversions

Conversion Demo

I wanted to show how to do easy black and white conversions with 3 different black and white apps. The top 3 photos are what I will be using as demos for each app, Simply B&W, Monokrom and Monochromia. These apps are totally worth having even if you’re not skilled in black and white mobile editing. I’m going to show you how to convert color photos into black and white photos. These apps are cheap to free and easy to use with beautiful effective results.

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The first app I’m going to show is Simply B&W. What you do is take a photo or load up a photo you want to convert into a black and white. You always start with a default edit but you can adjust these edits by using color filtration filters. If you’re shooting with a camera, you would screw the filter on your lens. The filters will block out the color light depending on what color filter you use to help bring in details and contrasts. Back in the day when I shot film I would use a Hoya K2 Yellow and Hoya 25A Red filter for sky/cloud photos. This would make your skies look dramatic and your clouds pop in your photos. Now we have digital tools that do the filtration for us. That’s what the different color filters will do to your photos. I recommend you try every filter until you find what works for you.

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Brightness and contrasts are great simple tools. You also have grain, in my opinion this is by far the best grain tool out there. I’ve tried a lot of different apps with their grain tool but nothing comes close to Simply B&W. The reason why I feel it’s the best because it’s the most natural looking and closest thing I’ve seen to film in the iOS app world. Make sure to play with the sliders and find what you like.

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You also have black and white vignettes. Just tap on the Black and a menu will pop up to change to black or white. Use the slider to adjust how much vignetting you want in your photo.

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Same exact thing with the border, just tap on the none to add or change the color of the border.

Simply B&W Demo

I chose not to use a border because I prefer borderless photos. This is my finished edit with Simply B&W. If you want to pick this app up, it’s FREE and universal to the iPad.


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Monokrom was made for people who don’t like the photo jargon but still maintain quality style editing. You load your photo and start with Tones. How you change the tones is dragging the circles along the photo. The blue circle is the one that changes the tone. What the green and orange do the brightness and contrast.

Recently Added-827

These tones are perfectly acceptable to post in Mobile Monochromes group because they are monotone photos. All you’re really doing is changing the gray to green, blue or red. Sometimes just changing the color tone can make a world of difference with your photos.

Recently Added-828

Finish does the grain and vignettes. You just play around with the circles on the screen to get the results you like.

Memory will save your edits as presets, so you can get the same setting every time you start a new photo. Some people like to save their edit formulas as presets. This can be helpful if you shoot consistently at the same exposure. It’s also a great way to start with a preset and then tweak it.

This is my final edit with Monokrom, so if you want different tonality with your monochrome photos. Monokrom is the go to app and the app sells for $.99 and universal to the iPad.

Monochromia is the last app. This is another easy to use app with beautiful results. What you do is load your photo, how it works is you slide your finger up and down or left to right. Clamp is just left to right. What that does is your photo that faded flat look to your photos.

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Next are vignette and noise, this is where you have to go up and down or left and right. On the screen shots you see how the intensity and radius with vignetting and grain and scratches with noise.

Recently Added-832

You can add sepia tone to your photos. I would have to say this is one of the better apps that can produce some nice sepia tones. Color is really brightness and contrast. I really wish they would call it something else since the app is called Monochromia.

Monochromia Demo

This is my final edit done with Monochromia. The app is FREE and universal to the iPad. It’s been free for awhile, so grab it before the price goes back up.

My final thoughts on black and white conversion. Black and white is not hard, in fact it’s easier than color. All you have to worry about is exposure and composition. The Zone System by Ansel Adams is a very easy scale to remember. You start with 0 pure black to 5 middle gray to 10 pure white. You jut have to remember those 3 numbers.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments and check out Mobile Monochromes Group on Facebook. Have a good evening and see you soon.





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  1. Thanks Tina for the overview of these apps. 🌹

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