Combo Apps/Mobile Monochromes Facebook Group

Oak leaf boat

There is a lack of mobile monochrome or mobile black and white groups. The purpose of the group is to share each other knowledge with mobile black and white conversion, editing and mobile shooting. You can post inspirational links to help others. App links are helpful too. I will feature a handful of Monochrome photos and images. If you plan to do mobile art and abstract submissions, please make sure it’s black and white or monochrome.

Monchrome – a photograph, image or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

The list of Monochromes are, Black and White, Sepia and Cyan. As long as it’s one tone, you can post it in the group.

However I will delete the following, Color, Desaturated, Color Splash and any photo/picture/image that has two or more color tones. Before I delete I will post a kindly reminder, you have 3 days to remove the photo/image.

All your photos/images must be taken with a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets or iPod Touches. You can NOT submit any photos that were taken with a DSLRs, POINT and SHOOTs, Video Cameras (GoPro) or anything that’s not a mobile device. It has to be all mobile.

I’ve had a deep love for black and white photography since I took my first photo class over 20 years ago. Other inspirations come from Lens Work and PDN and Black and White Magazine.


Lens Work

PDN Online

Black and White Magazine

If you know people who love, want to learn or improve their skills in black and white, invite them to the group !!!


The top black and white photo belongs to Vanessa Vox. It will b the cover page photo until the end of February. I’ll be changing the cover photo every month. You can click HERE to join the Mobile Monochromes group page. If you have any questions, please leave comments or contact me. Next month’s Mobile Monochromes blog post will feature mobile photographers and artists…so see you next month and good luck to everyone.



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One Response to Combo Apps/Mobile Monochromes Facebook Group

  1. debra hall says:

    hi Tina, my request to join the Facebook page is pending. Many thanks from Debra

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