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Analogue came out yesterday, before I start to go in details with this app I wanted to talk about the basic aesthetics behind large format photography. You have to have a different mind set when you shot large format photos. It’s not quick and easy shooting. Large format teaches you how to slow down and find your composition that fits with in the frame.

iPad Pro_1

The viewfinder is upside down, for some people this can be a huge advantage for lining up your photos before you take the shot. This is why I recommend you using a tripod if you want to use this app. This was the format to use before 35mm came later and took over. I’ve had the experience of using a 4×5 camera. Let me tell you something, it was a workout to carry all that gear with you and the set up always took along time. The tripod itself is heavier than the camera. There was no way you could hand held these cameras to get a stead shot, unless you have one of those old Graflex cameras.

This is the walk through of how the Analogue operates.

iPad Pro_2

What else I love about this is app is the whole darkroom printing within the app. This is where all my darkroom experiences come into play. I used to hate making tests stripes with an enlarger. So I learn to print from my gut by looking at the negative closely with a loop on the light table. I could tell what details would come out and what would be lost in printing. I make my basic print with the normal standard settings. I would get a good print within 3 to 4 tries. I would also split filter all my prints. I could print out my final portfolio in 8 hours.

iPad Pro_3

If you have good negatives, you don’t have to burning/dodging your prints (another thing I hated to do in the darkroom). The funny part was I always had my burning/dodging tool with me and someone always need them. That was the only time my tools ever got used back in the darkroom days. But for some people test strips and burning/dodging were essential tools of the trade, they were great to have at all times. I prefer to use these tools now in the digital world just not in the analog world. I don’t knock on this because these tools can be a lifesaver.

iPad Pro_2

There’s a loop so you can check for the sharpness of the photos after the darkroom process. I still miss looking through a loop on the light table but this is a better way to look for sharp details in your photo.

iPad Pro_5

My overall opinion still stands, Analogue is great for iPad camera users who want to shoot large format without all the heavy gear. I can see this app used for studio projects (Richard Avedon) to landscape photos. Analogue will be the door that opens up and pave the way toward Mobile Large Format Photography (Ansel Adam). All you need are a dark cloth, heavy tripod with an iPad mount and good hiking boots for the outdoors. Analogue sells for $2.99 in the App Store. If you have any questions about this blog post, please  leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!

Analogue Icon @1024 No Mask




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19 Responses to Combo App/Analogue

  1. Brandan d says:

    Looks like a nice app. I wanna try take portraits with just using the app.

  2. creatiwu says:

    Wow, nice intro to the app! Any giveaway for it?

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  4. Dina Alfasi says:

    Looks nice. Any code left?

  5. danmblog says:

    Can you import photos into the darkroom? Or shoot only? And, can you take a few photos and edit in the darkroom later? I’ll probably get this app regardless of anything because it looks cool. I took photography so long ago I can barely remember doing all this stuff, but I was reminded by your post. In my highschool class you either had kids that were totally interested or kids that just sniffed the chemicals trying to get high. I was one who truely wanted to learn it!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It’s a shot only and process later app. You can take a lot photos. They store as negatives in the light box. You do the darkroom process with the negatives. It’s like old style photography without ruining a box of film and negatives.

      • danmblog says:

        Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll prob pick it up because it sounds fun. I used to like the one from hipsta, but that was not really a darkroom experience.

  6. Carlos says:

    Looks interesting ..the mobile photographers needs more new things in the apps store.

  7. Enrique Estrada says:

    Incredible! I remember when I had to carry all the pounds of equipment-lenses, cloth, negative holders and that wooden tripod!…and one HAD to go to Yosemite..haha. And now….this App makes it so easy. Would be a great experience working with Analogue. Any codes left?

  8. Enrique Estrada says:

    I am for it. Thanks!

  9. debra hall says:

    great post. Shared on Twitter 🙂

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