Combo Apps/2015 – Year of The Macro

Relight Macro Flowers

In 2015 I’ve acquired quite a few of macro lenses since I got my iPhone 6 Plus in February and iPod Touch 6 in October. I’ll estimate that I’ve taken over 7000 macro between both devices. That’s a lot of macro photos. I can sit a take a few hundred photos in a few days time if I find the perfect subject to shoot. When I’m at the Garden Club at school, the kids will help me find things to shoot when I’m there. I like to show them my photos. Hearing their excitement and enthusiasm in their voices makes it all worth wild to me.

What else was nice was being part of the Mobile Macro Group on Facebook. I learn a lot by looking at other people’s photos. The photos inspire me to find better way to shoot my photos and better subjects. It also pushed me to shoot more macro photos.

The top college was taken with 2.8x macro lens and 30x macro lens from DCkina and edited with Relight. The flowers were bought by my sister and put in a vase. I took a bunch a photos while my sister was at work. She never looks at my photos but asks me if I photos of the flowers. I make the photos in a book and published them on Steller.

Mixed Droplets Macro Photos

I wanted to explore and take more photos with the 30x Macro. It’s very hard lens to use because you have to stay completely still to use this lens. I recommend not drinking a big cup of coffee and use this lens. Itha told me she couldn’t keep her hands still after a cup of coffee. I even tried it too. She was right because I was constantly shaking. But most of you know I love a challenge and using this lens is a rel challenge. What this lens taught me is finding the abstraction within nature. It rained that day, after I dropped off Vida at school. I decided to take water droplets from the rain. It was a fun challenge. I ended up with some nice photos in the end.

All of the photos were edited with Relight. At the time I was testing Relight and couldn’t talk about it or post any of my edits until the app was in The App Store. Before Relight, the app at the time was called Luminance. The challenge was I had to look for a name change for the app for obvious reasons. There was already an app with that same name. I knew it would draw a lot of confusion. I’m glad they found a different name because Relight fits with this app.

Droplets Black and White Macros

I even made a black and white series with the droplets, put all the photos together and published them on Steller. There’s a little poem I wrote titled Droplets.

Creatic Macro Photos

Another great thing to happen with editing my macro photos was rediscovering an app called Creatic. I forgot how much I loved the results from this app. I didn’t use this app for a long time because it wasn’t very stable on my old iPhone 4s. I came a crossed the app again and made many different styles of edits. I feel Creatic has way better results than Stackables and Mextures. They give you images a deep rich look to them. I like the fact my edits don’t look washed out and still maintain the details of the original photos. Of course I made the edits into a book and it’s published on Steller.

Painterly Macros

The last college consist of photos I used for testing Brushstroke. Same like Relight, I couldn’t talk about the beta test or show off my test edits. When I beta test for app developers I give them my demo test, so they can use them for samples. Code Organa have a lot of my photos because I send them a lot of samples from testing their apps. After I made many tests with Brushstroke, I put the images into a book and publish those too. The macro I publish on Steller seem to get the most traffic. I plan to do more macro in 2016 with other lenses, apps and mobile gear. Steller seems to be the best way to put the photos together and publish them.

You can follow me on Steller @ashcroft54 and look at my books there. For more thing to come you can follow me Instagram @combo_apps. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/2015 – Year of The Macro

  1. Ithalu says:

    Beautiful macro pics!! 👌🏽 thanks to your blog I found differents macro lens. 🙏🏼😀 👍🏽

  2. imapurrson says:

    What fabulous macro pics! Love them all, but especially love the ones edited with Creatic. Hope you have a wonderful New Year 2016. 😙🎉🍸🍾

  3. eucalyptha says:

    You know how I love macros and yours are great. Really enjoyed your blog. Thanks!!!

  4. Emil says:

    I love your pictures! I got a Macro Lense from my partner for Christmas for my iPhone 5s and its been quite challenging to say the least. It’s really quite a challenging method and you seem to do it with aplomb!

  5. Oh great! I can see what reading your blog is going to do. I’m already an app addict. These two fascinate me. I love your blog. I can’t wait to read more.

  6. Oh BTW those are collages not colleges. lol

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