Combo Apps/Top 10 Photo/Video Apps 2015

Top 10 Apps
Top 10 Apps

This year top 10 apps features two British app developers that set bar in video app developing. Possibly set the standard on how video apps will be made in the future with the ever-changing iPhone camera. We have an underdog this year that developed one of the most creative editing apps to hit the app store this year. A couple of HDR apps, that focus in different areas of photo taking and editing. A web browser program turned into one of the most powerful editing apps, that closely reminds you of Lightroom. A few good novelty apps and a powerful editing app built from the ground up. It was featured as one of the top apps overall in the App Store. It’s been quiet a year for apps to hit the App Store this year. So let’s take a look at the Top 10 photo/video apps…

Number 10 is Ultralight. It’s the underdog of apps compare to many of the big developer app that came out in 2015. What I like about is the unique and creative user interface (UI). It’s one of the few apps that doesn’t have a trendy layout. It’s smart and easy to use. It’s also very powerful,iOS only and universal to the iPad. What else I like is its FREE with only one in-app purchase. With that one in-app purchase, Ultralight replaced Mextures because it has better textures and blend modes.

Number 9 is RipPix by JixiPix. What I like about this app is it replace Modern Grunge. RipPix works a lot smoother and faster than Mddern Grunge did. It’s by far the best app to get that ripped look to your images. RipPix sells for $1.99 in the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s also universal to the iPad and be a great app to have on your iPad Pro.

Number 8 is Polarr. This is an awesome app and started as Chrome web browser editing program. Polarr is powerful, reminds me of Lightroom and amazing editing results. You want a powerful editing app for your iPhone or Android Smartphone and universal to the iPad. This is the app to get, it’s FREE with an in-app purchases to open up the PRO features and other specialized editing tool.

Relight Grid

Number 7 is Relight by Code Organa. This app is by far the best HDR editing app I’ve used. I’ve used many HDR editing apps and nothing comes close because it doesn’t overcooked your photos. It’s the only app that seems to bring out the best details in your highlights and shadows. It’s very easy to use at any level of your editing skills. Even when you’re starting out, this is a must have app to have in your collection. It has a camera app that does live HDR filter presets but I prefer to take the photos and edit later. Relight sells for $1.99 and on sale for $.99 during the holidays. The app has no in-app purchases, iOS only and universal to the iPad.

Number 6 is Assembly by Pixite. Graphic design made for everyone. It’s very powerful and easy to use app. I’ve seen many creative ways to use this app. I love the idea of using shapes and forms to make my designs. The added video time-lapse to see how you make your designs at high speeds. Assembly is FREE, universal to the iPad, iOS only and has in-app purchases. If you love Assembly I recommend buying into Forever unlock. This will give you the future packs for free. I know they plan to add more pack to Assembly because you have no limits to what you can create with this app.

Number 5 is Top Camera 2 by Lucky Clan. Why this camera app is in the top spot ? The reason is it has the easiest Time Lapse. You don’t have to do a lot of math to figure out your settings. Just switch on what you’re going to time-lapse (clouds, sunset, shadows and traffic), hit the button and walk away. I made some really great time-lapse videos on my iPod Touch and iPhone 6 Plus with this app. Top Camera 2 has made time-lapse photography approachable for everyone. You don’t need any fancy app, just use this app. Top Camera 2 sells for $4.99, universal to the iPad, iOS only and has no-in app purchases.


Number 4 is Fusion-HDR Camera by East Coast Pixels. This app is by far the best HDR camera app. It took what was wrong wrong HDR camera app and made it better. I like the fact that there’s not a lot of noise and compression. I can take a photo and do a quick edit and save it. It’s one of the few camera app I will shoot for straight HDR photos. I love this app and nothing comes close when it comes to mobile HDR photography. You can get the best of both worlds with color and black/white. Not a lot of camera apps can do both very well. Fusion sells for $1.99 and on sale for $.99, iOS only, universal to the iPad and has no in-app purchases.

Number 3 is Guerrilla Filmmaker by Sotcha. This app has taken the advantage of the manual controls of the iPhone 6/6 Plus and the resolution of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. It’s full of manual features and tools. What I like about this app is how it used the whole screen when you record your videos. You can also make presets for in and out focusing. They just did an update for de-squeeze for Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Lens. Guerilla Filmmaker sells for $3.99, iPhone and iOS only.


Number 2 is MAVIS by WattenEarth. It’s by far the best movie app in the App Store. It seems to be stable and full of manual controls that needed for serious mobile film makers. It’s expensive but worth picking up. MAVIS has set the bar with video apps and two of its big competitors (Filmic Pro and Vizzywig 4K) can’t even touch this app with a stick. All I see in the future of this app are great addition updates with each new iPhone. MAVIS sells for $16.99, only on iOS and the iPhone and have no in-app purchase.


Number 1 is Enlight by Lightricks. Just when you think there was nothing better than Snapseed and Filterstorm Neue. A new app emerges and breaks the rules and sets a new standard for powerful multi-function editing app. There is a reason Enlight is Number 1 app, because they made it work for everyone who does little to heavy editing on their photos. It is by far the best all around editing app. The developer made Enlight easy to use without a difficult user interface. Blogger and Bloggers have made countless tutorials for this app. I haven’t seen this many tutorials happen with this app since, Snapseed. Even when Snapseed did a total rebranding and redesign with their app, there were still more tutorials on Enlight. When Enlight did an iPad support update, the people went crazy and more tutorials pop up. I see more and more tutorials on this app everyday with Enlight. Lightricks did their homework when they made Enlight. I can see they built this app from the ground up, found the flaws with other editing apps and fixed a lot of the issues. Whoever comes up with a better app than Enlight, will have a hard time beating them. It’s hard to believe this app only came out this year. Whatever Lightricks comes out next in 2016 will be hard to beat Enlight. I can wait to see the future of what’s to come with this developing company.

These are my top 10 apps that came out in 2015. Other great apps for 2015 I wanted to mention and the list is below.

Musemage – $3.99
MoonShadow – FREE
Relook – $3.99
Retype – $2.99
GeometriCam – $1.99
AlTaglio – $1.99
Focus [+] – FREE

What’s in store for 2016, well I can say there are a couple of great apps that I’m testing that will come out in the New Year. Other developers have told me they are in the works for developing new apps. I’m hoping for quality novelty apps in 2016 along with untapped and creative ways to edit your images. 2016 looks like a lot of great things will happen in the mobile communities. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and COMBO APPS will be 5 years old !!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Top 10 Photo/Video Apps 2015

  1. Ithalu says:

    I have 4 of them and I love it!! Enlight is one of my fav and Relight too!! Thanks for the information!!

  2. eucalyptha says:

    Great list. I have most apps. Thanks for this review and for keeping us up to date all year.

  3. danmblog says:

    Great list! I have many of these and agree! I don’t have all of them. I will check out the ones I don’t have.

    Thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate it!

  4. TheVMCoach says:

    Tina, you so rock! You’ve been testing and reviewing apps for what seems like forever and I never tire of your perspective! So glad to learn about Polarr… have you used it on the Android platform?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      No, I’ve played with the Chrome Browser version. I liked playing with on their. If the developer cross more apps over to Android. I might get an Android Smartphone so I can show the difference between the two platforms.

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