Combo Apps/MAVIS – “Professional filmmaking on the iPhone.”


MAVIS, the true 4K video app. That gives you the best video tools to make the best mobile video possible. I saw MAVIS in the App Store and was curious about the price. It’s really a mobile video makers dream of an app. This app is a beast and chock full of necessary tools for the serious mobile movie maker. MAVIS, made by video makers for video makers.


Most serious mobile photographer love using 645 PRO because of the camera controls and TIFF file formats. Mavis is that type of app for mobile video makers. I’m going to do my best with the break down of MAVIS.


MAVIS takes advantage of the full manual controls on your iPhone. You can see all the different control functions. It’s really mind-blowing and overwhelming at the same time.


You have editable presets. This way you don’t have undesirable color casts. You can set and lock the color cast with three different presets.


It has a full-scale vectorscope. That gives you precise colors analysis.


Some people like to shoot in False Color, it helps for black and white filming. So you can find where you highlights and shadow details, and don’t blow the details and maintain your details at the same time.


MAVIS has a full-scale wave monitoring. What this does is it tells you where your highlights and shadows fall on the video. It’s helpful for skin tones too. This wave monitor can also help with low light filming or in very bright situations.


This is the break down of video resolution. This gives you an idea of the aspect ratio and resolution of video works. How they push more pixels into 4K video and why it covers more area of space. You can only put so many pixel in a an area. This is how 4K video works and why your need a certain size of TV to watch 4K resolution. I’ve read that NHK (Japan’s Broadcast Station) have an 8k movie camera. They bring down the video quality to 4k for sharper and clearer pictures. There are only a few 8K movie cameras out in the world but I’m sure there will be more of them made in the future.

This video test is done by Alai Naseer on You Tube.

MAVIS by far is the most comprehensive 4k video out. It sells for $16.99 and totally worth it. There are so many video app that offer in-app purchases, like Cinematic and Reply Video Editor. You end up paying $12 or more, after buying filter packs, simple video editing tools, adding music, time limit intervals and water removal. I rather pay it all in one shot and the occasional filter pack as in-app purchase. But I feel the most important thing is learning to shoot proper videos first, then editing tools second (just like photography). Mavis has the fundamentals down with powerful and crucial video tools needed for the average mobile movie maker. This app is on steroids and runs very smoothly. Mavis only works with 64 bit processor devices only, except iPod Touch 6. I hope in the future that will change.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. You can also contact MAVIS at for feedback and other information. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and see you in the NEW YEAR !!!



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/MAVIS – “Professional filmmaking on the iPhone.”

  1. creatiwu says:

    Honestly, I am also curious about this app because of the price…

  2. Egmont says:

    This appears to be just the application needed for serious filming. Yet I feel there is more hidden underneath the hood.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      There is more but I’ll leave it to other blogger to write in more details. It’s one of those movie apps that movie makers have been asking for since the iPhone 5s. MAVIS has set the bar, now the others have to match these standards. No more nickel and dime people with unnecessary in-app purchases. It’s a quality app.

  3. eucalyptha says:

    Looks like a great app but the price… Maybe when it goed on sale lol

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