Combo Apps/SNAP! PRO Newly Design Case for iPhone 6/6s Only

Bitplay let me know they had a sample for me to write a review about their latest case design for iPhone 6/6s. Since I don’t have either of those iPhones, I contacted my good friend Ithalu Dominguez to help me out with the product review post. This blog post will be a collaborate effort between the both of us. All of the photos in this blog post were taken by Itha with her iPhone 6s. The photos were not edited and taken from on-board camera app or SNAP! Pro app.

Bitplay Snap Gear

This was everything that came for Itha got from Bitplay. It’s a lot of stuff and she was super excited when everything arrived all at once.

Bitplay SNAP! PRO Gear

This was everything taken out of the box and ready for shooting. Next I’ll do all the photo demos from the lenses from her iPhone 6s.

Bitplay CPL Demo

Circular Polarizer Filter (CPL) Demo

Bitplay Ultra-Wide Demo

Ultra-Wide Demo

Biyplay Wide-Angle Demo

Wide-Angle Demo

Bitplay Fisheye Full Frame Demo

FX Fisheye Full Frame Demo

Bitplay Fisheye Demo

Fisheye Demo

Bitplay 3x Telephoto Demo

3X Telephoto Demo

Bitplay 1.5x Macro Demo (Wide-Angle/Macro Lens)

1.5x Macro Demo (Wide-Angle/Macro Lens)

Bitplay 6x Macro Demo (Ultra-Wide/Macro Lens)

6x Macro Demo (Ultra-Wide/Macro Lens)

Bitplay 5x Macro (Fisheye/Macro Lens)

5x Macro Demo (Fisheye/Macro Lens)

Camera App List: iPhone Camera, ProCamera, MPro, MCPro. ProShot, Plastica, Thirty Six, NightCap Pro, SlowShutter Cam, Provoke, Fast Camera, Colorburn, ProCam 3, KitCam (GhostBird Discontinued) and other camera apps…

These camera apps should work with case’s technology. There are more apps I could list but for now I listed the most popular apps at the moment. Camera+, PureShot and a few other popular camera apps will not work with the shutter button on the case because of how the volume shutter work on the apps. The SNAP! Pro is FREE but you have to pay $.99 to make the app work its full function. When you get the case, you will get a promo code to activate the full functionality of the app.


Product and Price List:

SNAP! Pro Basic Package – $59.00
SNAP! Pro Advance Package – $79.00
SNAP! Pro Premium Package – $129.00
SNAP! Pro Xmas Combo Set – $84.01 Limited Time Package Deal
SNAP! Pro Xmas Limited Set $259.00 Limited Time Package Deal

If you need accessories or lost some items along the way, click >”HERE”< and this will take your to the accessory page. Check out the big sale Bitplay is having on their website !!!!

Macro Demo

From what Itha told me she said this mobile gear kit is really great. She loves taking macros and the macro lenses are her favorite but she also loves the Wide-Angle and Ultra-Wide lenses too. This has become her go to mobile lenses kit. She said everything was built and designed nicely. You can follow Itha on Instagram @itha_mar. I really want to thank her for helping me out big time with this blog post. The photos she took are AWESOME. She gave me so many of them. What are shown are only a few compared to the hundreds she showed me. It was hard to pick one out for each lens. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and see you in the NEW YEAR !!!



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  2. Ithalu says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! The Bitplay set is great, I like it!

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