Combo Apps/Brushstroke Update with Promo Codes

Brushstroke Demo - 1

Season Greetings Everyone !!! I wanted to talk about what have been added to Brushstroke. I had the pleasure to test out the new features and improvements that were added to the new update. When I test for Code Organa, I’m not allowed to talk about what’s being tested or any details. Their testing is secret. They also like to make sure the bugs were fixed and everything runs smoothly before it comes out. When the testing has been done and the update is available in the App Store, then I can talk about it. I did make a book of images I tested with Brushstroke that is on display on Steller titled Painterly.

Brushstroke Demo - 2

When I test an app I like to see what has been added or improved. I do noticed there are better paint details render better with this app. The details seem to pop out at you a little better. The list of improvements are below, along with the updates.

Brushstroke Demo - 3

The new version of Brushstroke improves your paintings by detecting and improving detail in faces, supports loading photos from iCloud, and more.

– Improve and adjust detail in faces with automatic face detection
– Support for iCloud Photo Library and Photo Streams
– Optimized for iOS 9
– Optimized for the iPad Pro
– Optimized for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus with 3D Touch Quick Actions and Peek and Pop photo previews
– Lossless TIFF Saving
– Cropping enhancements
– Better performance and visual quality
– Bug fixes and other improvements

Brushstroke Demo - 4

Brushstroke Promo Codes:


Brustroke has an in-app purchases for an Illustration Pack. It’s wroth the pick up. I actually bought the pack myself.

Brushstroke Demo - 5

I hope you’ve enjoyed the painterly images with Brushstroke and go out and get it. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments below. Promo Codes are first come first serve. Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY and see you soon !!!



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