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Before The Rain - Camera Noir

Camera Noir came out a couple of days ago and before I write about any app I like to play with it first. Here’s a photo I shot yesterday at school during the Book Fair. It was about to rain and I loved how the clouds look. This was straight from Camera Noir with any type of editing.

Recently Added-797

I’m going to go through the editing process with Camera Noir first. This way you have an idea of how the editing tools work with this app.

Recently Added-798

You have Preset mode, Exposure and Brightness. As you can see you slide it left to right or vice versa to find the adjustment you like.

Recently Added-799

Next are Contrast, Clarity and Faded. It has the same typeof slider control to make your adjustments.

Recently Added-800

These are the adjustments I made while editing that photo. I shot the photo first with the app and wanted to do some editing within the app.

Recently Added-801

There is a history button at the top in the middle of the app. You can save you history into a preset if you want to use the same adjustments with another photo. I don’t usually make presets with black and white app because every photo I take is different. I might want to bring out certain details with my photos. The presets are great to start and you can make adjustments from there. I’m more about getting it right when I shoot my photos before I do any type of post process.

Camera Noir Macro Demo

These are the thing I feel that would improve the app a great deal. There is no landscape mode, anytime I take a photo in landscape mode (horizontal). My photos always come out in portrait mode (vertical) viewed in the lightbox section inside the app. I’m guessing this is a bug in need to be fixed. It’s really annoying to see you photos all in portrait mode while looking at your thumbnails. I would also like to have settings built-in the app to change format files saves (JPEG to JPEG Max, Tiff or PNG), save to the camera roll automatically and volume (+/-) shutter controls. I also feel you need the color filters, red, green, orange, yellow and blue. It’s a must have for any type black and white photography. The color filtration helps with details and contrasts of the photos. Since the developers call this Camera Noir, it’s missing vignette tool in the editing section. Vignettes help bring a dramatic effect to black and white photos. Other things missing are film grain adjustments, cropping, rotate and a tilt-shift blur tool. The tilt-shift tool could be added in the camera section of the app as well.

Recently Added-807

I feel the camera section is a good start but lacks a lot of tools like different aspect ratio modes (you’re stuck with one format 4/3), a leveling tool to keep your camera straight, histogram, different grids on the screen and once you turn on the grid it stays on. I really don’t like to set up my camera every time I want to turn it on to use it. I also feel if you want to compete with Hueless and MPro. These are must have camera tools.

Camera Noir Demo

Overall, nice try but still needs work. Camera Noir felt like a rushed job with the app with lots of missing tools. Along with taking up space on your iPhone with the photo you shoot go straight to the lightbox and making preset saves. It’s great if you don’t have any other black and white apps. You’re making an attempt to go exclusively to black and white mobile photography. The app sells for $2.99 in the App Store, universal to the iPad with no in-app purchases. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  1. creatiwu says:

    nice post. Good to know another B&W photo app.

  2. nicoletta says:

    It would be nice to try it.

  3. stickyquote says:

    Thank you Tina for taking the time to review.

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