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Jelly Lens

Jelly Lens have been around for a while, they have been around before mobile photography and the iPhone. What’s great about these lenses are the cool filter effects, they’re inexpensive and the result made you feel like an artist. There’s even a Jelly Camera, where you can apply these lenses on top of the camera.

Photojojo Jelly Lens Set

You can order this set on Photojojo for $15. This set was ordered through Amazon and sold by Photojojo. I’ll be getting a set of these later on down the road but for now I’ll use the photo from Ithalu Dominguez has sent me for demo shots.

Wide-Angle/Fisheye Jelly Lens Demo

This photo shot with Wide-Angle/Fisheye Jelly Lens. There are vignettes corners with this lens. The photo has an artistic/dream like effect with the photo you shoot with this lens. It’s like having a Diana or Holga camera built-in your iPhone. Some people love taking photos with a plastic lens because of how beautiful they come out.

6 Image Mirage Jelly Lens Demo

The next is 6 Image Mirage Jelly Lens. The lens is a kaleidoscope effect and has some very interesting results. What I like about the effect if how it makes your image looks like it’s in spinning motion. This lens would be interesting to use with a video app of some kind. You could make some really trippy videos with this lens.

Startburst Jelly Lens Demo

Last we have the Starburst Jelly Lens, this is probably my favorite lens of all. I love this effect on photos. I’d rather have a lens do this effect than an app because these type effect always look better coming from the lens. You know you made the effect happen and not a have a computer do it for you. It doesn’t feel fake, kind of like the 6 Image Mirage. You photos look like they were shot through a lens.

Pros with Jelly Lens, they’re inexpensive and creative visual effects. Con with Jelly Lens are the sticky backs. The stickiness on the back of the lens don’t last long on them. My advice is to stick these lenses on cheap mobile phone cases. The only problem with a case is you have to change cases when you buy a new smartphone. Or you can buy a lens clip and stick the lenses on the clips. I would probably glue the lenses on the clips. This way the lenses don’t come off and the clips can carry over to the next new smartphone you buy. You can find lens clips all over the internet or Google to shop for them. I know DCkina sells them for cheap, so stock up on them.

Shopping Sites for Jelly Lens – Jelly Lens, Photojojo and Amazon.

I want to thank Ithalu Dominguez for providing me photos from her Jelly Lens. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Jelly Lens

  1. Marianne says:

    Do you have affiliate links? After reading this I’m starting to think I need a few.

  2. Ithalu says:

    Thank you for using my pics!! I like the kaleidoscope and the Starburst lens. Thank you for the ideas! I’m going to glue my lens.

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