Combo Apps/Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Mobile Photographer/Artist 2015

Number 10: The Gwee Button or any Gwee product. They make the most ingenious multi-purpose cleaning products. They’re portable, durable and well designed products for the everyday person or the mobile photographer/artist. The prices they have for the Gwee Button and other products can’t be beat. If you need to buy stocking-stuffers for your teenager kids, then look into buying Gwee Products. You can order their products on their website or Amazon.

Inside The Box

Number 9: DCkina’s 7-in-1 Combo Mobile Lens Kit, it’s the ultimate mobile lens kit that will last beyond the designs of your iPhones and Galaxy Smartphones. What I mean by this kit going beyond the design of your smartphones. You don’t have to replace the lenses, just the threaded case. The cases are very inexpensive. The mobile lenses take really great photos, in my opinion. The 7-in1 Combo sells for $114.41 which is a huge bargain in my opinion. This kit is great for all mobile photographers at all skill levels.

Number 8: EyePatch phone case for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 5/5s. What I like about it is how it protects your iPhone camera. Especially when you put your iPhone in your pocket, in your backpack or purse. A lot of times you’re not thinking about protecting your camera when your on the go, travelling, at work, at school or anywhere else you happen to be at. The case has an eyepatch slider that you slide over your iPhone camera to protect it from getting scratched up or smudged with dirt. You can order your EyePatch cases on their website. They come in three colors, Black, White and Purple and only for iPhone 6/6s and 5/5s.


Number 7: SquidCam newly designed slim case and billet lens system for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus. I love the design of this slim case and the bittle lens system. When you put the case on your iPhone, they fit like a glove and feels nice in your hands. The billet for the lenses is solid design and makes it harder to loose when attached to the case. The cases comes in three colors, Red, Frosted Clear and Black. You can buy the cases or billet lenses separately. You can order you set on the SquidCam Website or Amazon.

Number 6: OneAdaptr is the best gift for the traveler who travels abroad and carries many mobile devices. It’s also great for at home or taking with you to the coffee shop. Let’s not forget those kids who do to college, it’s make a great gift. What I love about this multi-purpose travel plug is it charges my iPhone 6 Plus quicker than the normal standard Apple plug you get with your iPhone. It’s the only plug I use and nothing else. You can order your’s on the Twist Famly webpage or BiteMyApple website.

Number 5: [FUSE]Chicken cables, Bobine, Bobine Auto, Bobine Watch, Titan and Titan Loop. They are the toughest cables on earth and pet proof. You’re looking for the ultimate lasting cable. Then pick up one of these cables. The cables are all Apple MFi-Certified. FUSEChicken didn’t just make them for iOS devices but they also make them for Android devices (only offered for Titan and Titan Loop) !!! You can order your FUSEChicken cables on their website and Amazon.

Number 4: Lightcase Pro is great for anyone and everyone whose looking for a portable and mobile studio. It was a game changer for me with taking product shots. But what I love is you can fold it up an put it away. The newly designed Lightcase is better than ever because it’s so much easier to setup and take down. More room to work with in placing your products or subjects inside the Lightcase, I love it !!! You don’t need a fancy light set up either because it reflects a lot of light in the room. You can order you Lightcase Pro at the website.

My Inmacus HD Wide-Angle Lens Kit//

Number 3: Imacus makes the sharpest mobile lenses on the market, in my opinion. They make a quality adjustable lens mount where you can still have a screen protector. The HD 18mm wide-angle lens is by far the sharpest with true edge to edge sharpness. Something not many mobile lens out on the market has achieved, unless you use a 37mm or DSLR lens. They also make a HD Maceo Filter Kit and it’s a diopter filter system. Your macros come out very clear and sharp. I was really impressed with their products. It’s very high on my recommendation list for serious mobile photographers. Even if you’re a beginner, this is a real investment on good glass. You can order Inmacus lens system on their website.

Number 2: iKlips is one of the best products to come out in 2015. This flash drive are for all iOS mobile devices. When in the day and age, you need to transfer your files on the go and you don’t always have a WiFi connection to load your files to free up space. The lightning adapter on the iKlips are Apple MFi-certified and has USB 3.0 on the other end, so you can transfer your files to your desktop or laptop. The iKlpis is very durable and the FREE that you can download is very easy to use. You can also listen to music or watch movies from the iKlips, when your connect to your iPhone or iPad. It’s also great for iPad Pro user who do a lot of mobile art and mobile movie making. This is a must have item. The memory sizes are 16BG, 32GB, 64GB (recommended), 128GB and 256GB. You can order an iKlips on their website or Amazon.

Number 1: Ztylus is by far the best all around mobile lenses system with it revolver lens design and durable case. It’s the only lens system where you don’t have to sacrifice your iPhone to take photos with mobile lenses. It also has one of the sharpest macro lens on the market. Ztylus has also made a trade-in lens program, something that no other company has done. They make quality products for the mobile photographer. Coming soon are their premium prime lenses and I can’t wait to try them out !!! You can order your Ztylus product on their website, Amazon and Pixel Addix.

This wraps up the Top 10 for Christmas and 2015. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments. Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah and see you soon !!!!



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