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Ultralight is ultra different in many way compared to other photo editing apps. Just when you think everything has been done, developer Timi Koponen show us you can find a totally different and creative way to edit your photos with your iPhone. I stumble upon this app on accident, looked at the video, downloaded it and started to play with this app.

Before and After with Ultralight - 1

Here are a before (first photo) and after (second photo) edit, using Ultralight. I’ll show you how the app operates.

Recently Added-552

You load up the app and load in your photo. As you can see you start with filter presets, so you slide the presets left and right and back and forth until your find something you like. There is also a slider to adjust the opacity of the filter you put on top of your photo. After you’re done, there’s a small button that looks like a pencil in a box. Tap on that button…

Recently Added-553

When you tap on that button, it opens up the editing tools. This first tool is one you really want to play with because it adjust your tones, highlight and shadow details. You can slide each on up and down to find what your like. For me this is magical and what sets this app apart from other apps like it.

Recently Added-554

Next you can play with the Saturation and Temperature by moving the small dot around the photo area until you find something you like. I really like playing with both and see how far you can push your photo.

Recently Added-555

Then we move to Vignette and Clarity. You move the dot with in the circle to find your sweet spot.

Recently Added-556

Texture Tool is the in-app purchase and costs $1.99. Now I didn’t buy this yet but I did play with it before buying it. I will in this tool in the future. There’s a good reason, I’ve been looking to replace Mextures but I couldn’t find it until Ultralight came into my life. This will definitely give Mextures a run for its money. All Ultralight needs is iPad support and it’s perfect for me.

Recently Added-557

After your done with your creation you can save and/or post your image. Things I would like to see is auto hash tagging for #ultralightapp. This would be helpful for posting on Instagram and/or Tweeting.

Ultralight Demo

Here’s my photo demo, edited with Ultralight.

Before and After with Ultralight - 2

After playing with Ultralight, I fell in love with app and for a couple reasons. The developer took what was going on with editing apps and put in the critical details that were missing in power editing app. Then he took Ultralight one step further and created a very slick user interface by making it more interactive. It blows my mind because your photos look so amazing and professional. In my opinion Ultralight, blows away VSCO and Afterlight. Ultralight is far cheaper than both of those apps because it’s FREE and only has one in-app purchase for $1.99 (Texture Tool). It’s iPhone only and requires iOS 8. I see great things in the future with Ultraight. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments. You can follow Ultralight on Instagram @ultralightapp and don’t forget the hash tag your creations with #ultralightapp. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Ultralight Photo Editor

  1. Nanashi says:

    Thanks for this … I really like how easy it is to change blend modes for the textures … I find blend modes critical when playing with overlays and textures … I’ll be purchasing the textures soon as well as I like some of the gradient blurs … Good stuff!

  2. rjllane says:

    Hello Ashcroft54 (Tina). Like you, I would like to see an iPad (universal) update. We both use our iPads for much, if not all, of our editting. 🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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