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Relight Grid

The secret app is out today and no more overcooked HDRs !!! Code Organa has come out with a new app, called Relight. It’s a very powerful HDR editing app with a slick user interface. Now you’re thinking it’s an HDR editing app, why would I want this app if I have Snapseed and/or Fusion ? What makes this app great? Is it worth having in my collection ? I’ll answer all those questions and much more through the blog post. The top photo grid was all edited with Relight.

Before and After Slide with Relight

Relight in my opinion is one of the best tone mapping app out. I really like that how it doesn’t overcook your photos like most HDR apps out there. You can really adjust to where you can see hints of tone mapping and maintain the integrity of the photo, so your photos don’t look so cartoonish and silky smooth. They also can make your photos shine to look a little metallic but not overdone. I feel this app comes pretty close to Photomatix. The image up above is a before and after slice done with Relight.


When you load up the app, they will show you some before and after samples that were edited with Relight.


After the slide show, you will get a mini tutorial of how the app operates and asks for access of your photos. You can take photos live with the filter presets or load your photo from your albums/camera roll.


This is how you pick your photos from the different albums. I loaded a photo ready to be edited.


You have a lot of great presets categories with Relight. All you have to do is tap on the icon and the different presets in that category will pop open. I know over time this preset category will grow. If you see something is missing, write a review in the App Store. They want to hear your feedback.


I wanted to show you something in the Adjust area. When I was testing the app, I asked them if they could add in a white vignette since they only had black. This is how they added it in, one side is black and the other is white. The white vignette adds an ethereal and soft angelic look to your photos (in my opinion). You have many powerful editing tools within the Adjust section.


Colors is the last section, you have many different color preset and all adjustable. I like the colors filter they’ve provided with this app. Now I don’t have to use VSCO or Afterlight for that faded film look anymore. I can have that faded style with a hint of tone mapping all rolled into one app on Relight. After you’re done editing, you can tap on the down arrow.


Now the arrow is up and something new pops up. Relight is a non-destructive editing app. You have the option of saving a copy or exporting the photo with permanent edit save. If you check your settings, you also have three different types of file saves, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Once you pick your file type save it will auto save in that file format.

Relight Demo

This is my finished results with Relight. Below is a light of apps and prices from Code Organa and Relight is $2.99 with no in-app purchases.

App List:

Relight – $2.99
Brustroke – $2.99 with in-app purchases
ToonCamera – $1.99

Relight is iOS only, has iPad support and requires iOS 8.1+. I want to thank Mike and the Code Organa team for contacting me to test their app. It was hard to keep this app a secret and not being able to talk about it in very many details. This was the secret app I was using to edit my macro photos. Code Organa likes to hear feedback to improve the app, make sure to leave reviews and feedback in the App Store or tweet them @codeorgana. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Relight by Code Organa

  1. Nanashi says:

    Cool! This app looks cool! I have there other 2 apps and both are great as well … I have a few HDR apps and quite a few overcook the images which I’m not a fan of … This one looks promising … Thanks for the overview!

  2. I really like the apps by Code Organa. I have the other ones. I’ll try this one too! Thanks for the review!

  3. nicoletta says:

    It looks nice, or already 2 other apps.

  4. imapurrson says:

    Your picture edited with Relight came out beautiful! Thank you for the detailed review. It’s always a given when you give the thumbs up on an app that it’s worth the download. Thank you, once again, Tina, for the heads up on an exciting looking new app! 😊

  5. creatiwu says:

    thanks for the review. happy that i got to know another great app.

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