Combo Apps/iKlips – The Fastest Lightning Drive In Your Pocket

iKlips is a product I’ve followed since their campaign on Indiegogo and wrote a blog post about this lightning drive campaign. I finally got my hands on one of their drives in my hot little hand.

My iKlips

When you get an iKlips, it neatly packed in foam after you open the box. You get two silicone caps and a small pouch.


First thing you do is download the app on all of your iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can also transfer your files on a MAC or PC on the USB end. You can see I’ve already transferred photo and movie files on my iKlips. What’s nice is you can see thumbnails of the photos files but not the movie files. I’m hoping in a future update the will add thumbnails on the movie files. That’s my only complaint with the app. In my opinion the app runs really smooth, I have no real issues in transferring files, playing music from the drive or watching my movie clips from the drive.


Other great things about this lightning drive are, you can take photos with the drive connected to your iDevices, supports exFAT and compatible with many file formats. exFAT support is especially nice for watching HD movies that are over 4GB. exFAT is the future for mobile devices, most USB drive will only support FAT32. With iPad Pro hitting the shelves soon, you will need the support for large format file transfers between devices. I see many mobile movie makers investing on iPad Pro for huge file transferring and serious movie editing. You will need a reliable lightning drive to transfer your large movie files quickly. I also see this lightning drive as a great tool for many mobile artists, mobile photographers and everything else mobile.

iKlips - 2

I’ve also read reviews where people had issues with the app not working properly. This is my advice for those people who have the problems. First uninstall and re-install the app on your mobile devices. You carry the old problems onto the app with every new update. The old problems will always be there and will drive you mad. Doing a hard restart with your iDevices is also helpful. Just hold the home and power button at the same time until your see the Apple logo on the screen. This actually works and my apps will run fine after doing this technique.

In My Hand

The iKlips is very well designed and very easy to use. You can transfer large files, watch movies, play music and keep with you at all times along with your iPhone. In today’s mobile world this is a need tool to carry with you. It’s very reliable no matter where your at, especially when you have can’t get a good WiFi connection. This will be handy for me on all day photo shoots and when I’m out in the desert shooting photos. You can’t beat a direct connection.

Product List:

iKlips 16GB – $59 Silver
iKlips 32GB – $79 Gold, Gray, Rose Gold
iKlips 64GB – $99 Gold, Gray, Rose Gold
iKlips 128GB – $179 Gold, Gray, Rose Gold, Red
iKlips 256GB – $399 Rose Gold
iKlips App – FREE requires iOS 8 and universal to the iPad

You can order your iKlips on their website or Amazon. If you have any questions about iKlips, you can contact them here, just scroll down to the bottom of the webpage. You can leave comments about your experiences with iKlips on this post in the comments. Good or bad, lets us know what you’ve experience with this product. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/iKlips – The Fastest Lightning Drive In Your Pocket

  1. laurencelz says:


    Seriously great idea, looks well executed too! So as i get ready to purchase an iPad Pro, I will look at going to. 64 gig or 128 gig, but all is up in the air if these little doo hickies work as stated. Yes to editing on my iPad and iPhone, love Pinnacle Studio and Replay apps.

    Be well


  2. Nanashi says:

    I bought the 64gb drive during there campaign … I’ve had some issues with it … The main one is that when I plug it into my laptop (it’s a fairly new laptop running the latest version of Windows) My laptop just freezes … I haven’t tried other computers yet … And when I copy multiple videos/ photos from my iPhone to the iklip, it sometimes just hangs … Currently I’m just going to leave the drive there until they further update there app but I will try your advice of uninstalling the app and reinstalling it since I’ve had the app since it came out … Thank you

    • ashcroft54 says:

      The uninstall and re-install comes from app testing. I had to train myself to uninstall old builds before installing new builds. Bugs carry over to the new builds and don’t always get fixed. I’m lucky I don’t have the problems that people have had in the beginning but they can be fixed.

      It also helps after you transfer all the files from the iKlips, to format the drive every time you to empty the drive. This trick comes from having memory cards and USB drives. Old files stay in the drive and will conflict with new files. This will destroy your iKlips over time.

      • Nanashi says:

        So I just followed your advice and just in case it is not known to some … You’re a Genius! 😊 … I was able to import my whole camera roll (after reinstalling there app) .. Also glad they added a repeat 1 on there music player … It looks like they’ve made quite a few improvements to their app since I’ve last gave up on it … also borrowed a laptop to format the drive as you’ve instructed and now it works on my laptop! Yay 🙌 … I do like how they are improving their app constantly … I wouldn’t mind seeing a better selection interface for there photos … For example a select all or multiple selection vs there current individual swipe method to delete photos … And also maybe the ability to copy an entire burst (since I typically shoot in bursts) but that may be an iOS limitation since right now it only copies 1 image from the camera roll burst … But no complaints here, quite happy with it now that works! Thanks Tina for your help as always … Big fan of your blog!

  3. CarolynHallYoung says:

    Tina, have you looked at the iStick? The earlier version of the iStick had flawed software, which they are working on. I have gotten one on Kickstarter. There’s a newer, faster version on indiegogo, now. I am curious about what the difference would be, between this and the iSticks.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      They all seem to integrate USB 3.0 with the Lightning adapter. They all have close to the same write speeds. What it boils down to is who has the better app that works with the product. Also security, who has the best security on their drives. SanDisk and Leef only have USB 2.0 so it’s going to be slow on that end. Both companies have been around and so have their products. They haven’t upgraded the USB end of it because most people will use the Lightning end between mobile devices. Lightning if it’s Apple MFi-Certified has a standard write speed that can’t be changed. The most important thing you want to look for is exFAT support for moving huge files over 4gb. iKlips told me they’ve worked with being exFAT support and working with iOS 9 mostly. That’s what you want to look for are they making something for the future or now.

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