Combo Apps/Happy Selfie by Misskiwi

Misskiwi has recently put out a new app called Happy Selfie. I was asked to check out their app and write a review. Happy Selfie is actually a really good app for what it does. It has a very simple user interface with cute stickers. You can add text to your photos and post your creations on social media. So, let me show you how the app works…

Recently Added-642

How it works is you can start with the front facing camera to take a selfie as a default. You can also use the rear camera or load a photos from your camera roll. I loaded a photo from my camera roll because I have quite a few from Red Ribbon Week at school. After you load your photo, you have 4 buttons and a slider at the bottom. The first button is color and saturation control.

Recently Added-639

The next button is face detection and blurring. You can blur out the background if you like but I just kept it the way it was.

Recently Added-640

Next are the stickers, you can add one stick at a time on top of your photo. You can also move the stickers around, adjust the size of them and change the color of the stickers.

Recently Added-641

Last you can add the text, they have different fonts, change the size and color of the text.

Deanna and Vida

Here’s Deanna and Vida posing for me during the assembly. It was Happy Times !!!! Below I made a list of all the photos apps along with prices that Misskiwi has available in the App Store. At the top of the list is Happy Selfie…

App List:

Happy Selfie – $1.99
ClassicToy – FREE with in-app purchases
Booster – $1.99
ClassicPan – $1.99
ClassicInsta – $1.99
Fisheye Toy Camera- $.99
Squara – $1.99
ClassicBooth – $1.99
HarrisShutter – $.99
ClassicSAMP – $1.99
B&W Lab – $1.99
Storama – $1.99

These are most of Misskiwi apps that are available in the App Store. You have lots of great apps to add into your app collection. I have most of these apps on this list.

Vida Crazy

I really like using Misskiwi apps and have used their apps for 5 years. They always make really great and stable novelty camera apps over the years. Sometimes you just want to shoot a photo and be surprised with the pleasing results. Overall Happy Selfie is a very easy app to use with a simple user interface. I enjoyed making silly and cute looking photos of Vida. I’ll probably make more of them a post them in the future. The app is very stable with no crashes. What else makes this app great is people who have an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus because it has that nice 5MP front facing camera with screen flash. This app will work beautifully with that new camera. Happy Selfie is universal to the iPad and requires iOS 9. If you would like to see improvements and added features happen with this app, please leave comments and feedback in the App Store review.

Here’s a video demo of AutoSampler, if you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments. Have a great day and have a HAPPY SELFIE day !!!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Happy Selfie by Misskiwi

  1. Ithalu says:

    Thank you for the review!!

  2. creatiwu says:

    Not bad.

  3. rjllane says:

    Hello ashcroft54 (Tina).

    I loved the photos in your review. Your “models” are such naturals in front of the camera – they just look like they are having such fun. And your processing of the captures, even though you were just messing around, shows off the natural talent that you have – the results are beautiful as always, and tasteful – an app like this one in the “wrong hands” could produce some diabolically awful and crass results, but not here.

    Thanks for the best “moment” of my day. I hope that you and the models enjoy your day.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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