Combo Apps/Introduction to Lumsing Power Banks and Lightning Cables

Today I’m going to introduce to you Lumsing products. I’m going to show off their Gold Grand A1 Series 6700 mAh mini power bank and Gold 1m Braided Nylon USB with Lighting Connector. I found their website from a blog post for top portable batteries for your mobile devices. Their batteries were in their top spot but they don’t just sell power banks. They also sell Lightning Cables that are Apple MFi Certified. Above, I made a video to show you what I got inside the box.

Gold Lumsing Grand A1 Series Mini 6700 mAh Portable Charger

Let’s talk more about the Grand A1 Series Mini in more details. Toward the end of the video I show you what it looks like when the battery is at a full charge, all the light lights will light up. It took a few hours for the power banks to get a full charge because the input charge is 5V/1.8A. Output is 5V/2.1A and that will charge your mobile devices quicker. The Grand A1 Series mini has 6700 mAh, that means this will charge your iPhone 6 Plus at least two times, iPhone 6 at least 3 1/2 times and iPod touch 6G at least 6 times. It’s took about 45 minutes to charge my iPod touch 6G in Air Plane Mode. The battery works with Android/ Windows mobile devices and comes with a micro USB cable to charge the battery. The lightning cable you have to buy separately. Overall I really like the battery design, it’s easy to take with me on my mobile gear bag. The Grand A1 Series Mini sells on Amazon for $16.99 plus shipping and free shipping if your order is over $35. That’s a great deal !!! The power bank comes in three colors, Gold (shown), Silver and Black.

Lumsing Nylon Braided Lightning Cable (1m or 3ft)

Now we move next to the Gold Nylon Braided USE Cables with Lightning Connector. This is one well made and very durable cable. What keeps the cable from fraying away at the ends are the firm plastic cups. It’s light, a little stiff but easy to roll up and put away. The lightning connector is Apple MFi Certified, so it’s guaranteed to work with all your Apple Mobile Devices. If you’re looking to replace your Apple Lightning Cables, I highly recommend you order this cable and keep your Apple cable as a back up. The Nylon Braided cables is 1m or 3.3ft long and comes in two colors, Gold (shown) and Silver. You can buy them on Amazon for $14.99 each, plus shipping and free shipping if it’s over $35.

Both of these items are top products in my opinion and you can’t really go wrong with either. They make great gifts for the holidays coming up, especially for teenagers and college kids. They are must have, especially made for your power-hungry mobile devices.



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Introduction to Lumsing Power Banks and Lightning Cables

  1. laurencelz says:

    The real use is in video capture, i do not want a mophie pac attached to my iphone when i have it in my support rig for shooting. I was trying to think of a way to have a power pac/ charger built into my rig hand grip. This seems to be the way to go. I chewed through a lot of battery last sunday shooting stills, video and slo mo video with my 6+ and knew i could not do a full day with out some sort of portable charger. I was shooting for fun the Day of the Dead” parade in South Valley – Albuquerque, NM.
    So things are becoming more user friendly and smaller for us iphone image makers, i like that!
    Be well

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It seems to be the best thing because you’re free to use other lenses and gear. Mophie just makes everything so limited and your iPhone super bulky. The cases they make for iPhone 6 Plus don’t even give your battery a full charge.

      Lumaing makes larger batteries if you look on their website. You might want to see what they have to offer.

  2. Great information. Thank you.

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