Combo Apps/iPod Touch 6th Gen

My iPod Touch 6th Gen

One Wednesday I got myself the new iPod Touch 6th Gen (64GB) at the Apple Store. Now you’re all wondering, don’t you have an iPhone ? Why would you get an iPod ? Aren’t they kind of useless ? I’m going to answer all those questions and much more in this blog post.

What's in the box...

This is what comes in the box, iPod Touch, Lightning Cable and Ear Pods. You don’t get the wall plug with the iPod touch. If you need a wall plug, you’ll have to buy one separately. Since I have a lot of the plugs from iPhones and other Apple devices.

Griffin Survivor Skin

I bought a case for my iPod touch. It’s a Griffin Survivor Skin, which is a thick silicone case. It’s a really durable case with shock absorbing corners. I like it has thick corners, so I don’t have to worry about my screen getting cracks when it gets dropped. The case is soft to the touch and not slippery. You can take the case in and out of your pocket with ease. Also the case is easy to put on and take off your iPod. I got my case at Best Buy but you can order it on Amazon.

Front Facing Camera

Front facing camera works really well, here’s Vida and I taking a selfie together.

Macro Shot//

Another Macro Shot//

People were asking m if the camera was any good and the quality of the photos. These are two macro shots taken with the iPod touch. I used Pro Camera and the app works great on the iPod touch. The new upgraded hardware helps because you can use all your favorite camera apps with this iPod with out any crashed and lag (except for Hipstamtic 302). If you love PureShot or Camera+, they work really well with the iPod touch.


The camera on the iPod Touch 6th Gen is equivalent to an iPhone 5 camera. The quality is nice and works for me with my blogging and other projects. The main reasons why I got an iPod touch was to replace my old iPhone 4s. My iPhone 4s runs really slow and takes a long time to load up apps. It’s just really slow and run down. The other reason, I was looking for a second camera to use with my blogging. It’s hard to use only one camera especially when I need to take photos of products on my iPhone 6 plus. I didn’t want to buy another iPhone because it’s really expensive. For now the iPod touch seems to work for what I need at this time, plus I can stick all my music on my iPod instead on my iPhone which takes up space. For me the iPod touch is not a useless device, it’s only useless if you can’t find a reason to get one or actually use it.


The other point I wanted to make about the iPod was for Android users. If you want the apps and don’t want to buy an iPhone, this is the cheaper alternative compared to buying an iPhone or iPad. It’s also easier to carry with you. When it comes to transferring photos, I recommend getting PhotoSync because the app works on multi platforms.

Lumsing Portable Battery

Overall the iPod touch 6th Gen is not a useless mobile devices, it has everything your need without cellular capabilities. The batter life is ok if you just listen to music but if you plan to use it as a hardcore camera and video camera. I highly recommend you get a portable battery, like shown up above a Lumsing Grand A1 Series Mini 3700 mAh.

Product List:

iPod Touch 16GB – $199
iPod Touch 32GB – $249
iPod Touch 64GB – $299
iPod Touch 128GB – $399

iPod Touch 6G comes in five colors, Blue, Gold, Silver, Pink and Space Gray. Product Red devices are only sold at the Apple Store or Apple online. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments, have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  1. Ithalu says:

    I like my iPod!! I don’t have music in it 😂 I take pics with it and I have a lot of apps.

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