Combo Apps/Painted Camera by 11ers

The app has been out for over a year. You’re wondering why now are you going to write about this app ? It’s because of my new found love for mobile video making. This app does some nice video rendering in a painterly style.

Recently Added-567

It’s a pretty easy app to use. All you do is load up the app and swipe left or right to find the painterly effect you like. there are 9 different painting effects.

Recently Added-568

There’s also a random effect, when it will pick out a different painterly effect at random. Just tap on the REMIX button and the app will pick out a different effect.

Macro Shot with Painted Camera

Painted Camera

Painted Camera

Those are some of the images I shot with Painted Camera. The app really gives your images a whole new artistic look. Even when you shoot the same photo with Painted Camera, your images never look the same because of the paint rendering in the app. I wanted also mention when you use Painted Camera, to make sure all your apps are turned off in the back ground and will heat up your iPhone after prolong uses.

Here’s my Water Flow video made with Painted Camera. It was fun to make. Panted Camera is a shoot only type of camera app. You can’t load photos and get that painterly effect. If you want that painterly effect then I recommend Glaze. That’s the difference between the two apps by The 11ers. Painted Camera sells for $1.99 and universal to the iPad.



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Painted Camera by 11ers

  1. Beautiful effect. I don’t have this one yet, but I have Glaze and love it!

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