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I know I’ve not posted very much lately. My life has been busy with PTA and school activities. By the time I get home, I’m mentally spent and hard for me to focus. Also I’m having a little bit of a writer’s block and don’t like to force myself to write.

I’ve also have been asked to do a TrueView Interview video for The App Whisperer and put that off (sorry Joanne). I’m struggling with the question because I want to be creative and want to give a philosophical answer at the same time. I know when the answer comes up I’ll sit down and make my video.

There’s a group of mobile videos makers who also want me to do a video for them. That will be a fun project because I have some ideas of what I want to shoot and put together for the group. I’ve been looking at a lot of video apps and exploring mobile movie making.

I’m also looking at GoFundMe to raise money for Combo Apps. I want to make this blog into a real website. It’s gong to cost me some serious money. I enjoy writing the blog and want it to go beyond the niche. Kick off for GoFundMe will be mid October, so keep your fingers crossed and help support me. See you soon !!!


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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Life and Things

  1. Sarah Mitchell says:

    Beautiful little girl and a marvelous photo of her. Good luck in your endeavor.

  2. Ithalu says:

    I will keep my fingers cross!!

  3. rjllane says:

    Hello Ashcroft54 (Tina).

    Hey – take all the time-out that you need. We will all still be here for you when it is the right time. You get back to us the moment that you need anything, no matter how big or small, no matter how simple or impossible.

    Keep posting images around the place even if you don’t feel like writing – I enjoy them on Instagram.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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